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If spelling, punctuation or grammar aren't your forté,
Be More User Proactive and
add {{Proofread}} to the article and we'll be happy to
lend our powers to it!
All we ask for in return is a large tub of industrial strength glitter glue.

The Common User's To-Do List[edit]

  1. Obtain glitter glue.
  2. Add the "{{Proofread}}" template to the top or bottom of a page that needs proof red hlep.
  3. Read the Uncyclopedia:Style Guide to see what a proofter might do for you beyond Chechen your spellings.
  4. Check your new article (and it's its talk page) for updates until it's completed.

The Proofreader's To-Do List[edit]

It's best to pour spelling between your grammar and formatting edits.
  1. Check Category:Proofread regularly.
  2. Check the New Articles section here regularly.
  3. Peruse the pages to see if any are within your forty forté.
  4. Remember that the style guide is not a guide to style (the Pee Review is for that). We are here to fix the nuts and bolts of the story, not the nuts and bolts of the users.
  5. Try to be aware of any in-jokes not on the list or you may not be paid your two-bits.
  6. Once you've significantly proofed an item add the {{BeenProofread}} template to its talk page. Clever dialog is optional.
  7. Remove the {{Proofread}} template from the page and add any additional {{fix}}, {{cleanup}}, {{idea}}, {{expand}}, {{rewrite}}, {{rewrite|medium}}, {{rewrite|hard}}, {{AAP}}, {{Help}}, etc. style tags you think necessary to the page (if any). Add "you've been proofed" to your Summary comments somewhere.
  8. Add the page details to the Proofed Articles section below.
This step isn't crucial (as the articles are worked on, and the writing in time may need checked again) but it is nice for us to see the growing list of our contributions to the site. Also, it is both a form of accountability and a way for our work to be checked.

Proofed Articles[edit]

62. Dukes of Hazzard / complete. --Trz (talk) 10:23, June 18, 2012 (UTC)
61. Banksy / done. --Trz (talk) 10:23, June 18, 2012 (UTC)
60. Metro Trains Melbourne / All done. What fun! --Trz (talk) 10:23, June 18, 2012 (UTC)
59. Logie Award / Proofread everything. Might add Rewrite template. --Unit1337 22:52, May 16, 2011 (UTC)
58. Harry Potter (movies) / Put in proper grammar. Really needs a rewrite for humor. --Unit1337 18:15, May 15, 2011 (UTC)
57. Death Race 2000 / Fixed typos, mispellings and the like. Probably needs a Pee Review, humour-wise. --User:Username18/sig 04:19, May 3, 2011 (UTC)
56. Rob Van Dam / Fixed basic typos, balked at long-term tense changes; really needed a rewrite more than a proofread User:TheHumbucker/sig 17:57, February 20, 2011 (UTC)
55. Spaceballs / User:TaylorTheGeek Follow thee to die sociallee! 06:24, January 25, 2011 (UTC) Accurate summary of the page: AS%D$*HF*()"[email protected]*"£&)R%"£"£
54. Parody Movies / User:TaylorTheGeek Follow thee to die sociallee! 19:14, January 24, 2011 (UTC) - This page had a lot less errors than some of the articles I've seen without the proofread tag.
53. Delta Goodrem / User:Lyrithya/sig 07:00, 9 January 2011

The Comma Brigade[edit]

Below are those hardy selfless souls who give their time and expertise to proofreading your articles.

Let Template:U expertly-trained experts, like Template:U, hlep make you page be speld real good and stuff.
Disclaimer: Pages are proofread in a factory where chimpanzee are handled. After proofreading, pages may contain traces of chimp feces. Wash articles thoroughly before reading or consuming.

Please sign below if you wish to be a part of this service! Please note, this is not the cool kids club. Don't sign up unless you intend to contribute or your name will be removed... eventually.

Official Merchandise[edit]


The Official CPS T-shirt is now available in a fetching white, one-size-fits-all because it's XXXXL, quality cotton traditional tee style, thanks to Gert5 Monograms and Screenprints Ltd! Get 'em while their there they're hot!

Disclaimer: The tee-shirts do not actually exist in this timestate.

Template Usage (See Below)[edit]

Many of the following templates will automatically add the page to a category when they are present.
  1. {{Proofread}}[1] Added to any page which needs checking. ( Category:Proofread. )
  2. {{BeenProofread}}[2] Added to the article's talk page after a member of the Comma Brigade has proof-edited the page.
  3. {{User Proofreader}}[3] Added to a Comma Brigade's User's userpage.
  4. {{fix}}[4] Dear author.... ( Category:Articles to fix. )
  5. {{cleanup}}[5] Dear author... This is what proofreaders do. ( Category:Cleanup. )
  6. {{idea}} or {{idea|summary=text}}[6] Dear author.... ( Category:Ideas. )
  7. {{expand}} or {{expansion}}[7] Dear author.... ( Category:Articles to be expanded. )
  8. {{rewrite}} or {{rewrite|soft}}[8] ( Category:Rewrite/Soft. )
  9. {{rewrite|medium}}[9] ( Category:Rewrite/Medium. )
  10. {{rewrite|hard}}[10] ( Category:Rewrite/Hard. )
  11. {{AAP}}[11] Add A Picture. ( Category:Articles with insufficient images. )
  12. {{Help}}[12] For use by users needing Help. ( Category:Uncyclopedians looking for help. )

Template Usage (Shown)[edit]

  1. {{Proofread}}
Bmup smaller.jpg This aritcle needs proofreding!!!

If speeling, punktuation or grammar aren't your forté,
never fear help was on teh way?

  • {{BeenProofread}}
    Bmup smaller.jpg The Proofreading Service has proofreaded your article. Like it? Need more proofreading? Click here!

  • {{User Proofreader}} {{User:Luvvy/Proofread}}
    Bmup smaller.jpg This user is part of The Proofreading Service.

  • {{fix}}
  • {{cleanup}} This is what proofreaders do so we should not be asking the author to do it.
    Nuvola apps important blue.svg This template is blue because this article needs cleanup.
    Please make spelling, grammar, or punctuation corrections, reorganize the content, or delete bad content and clichés so this template will cheer up.

    Incorrect usage! Please sign with timestamp: {{Cleanup|~~~~~}}

  • {{idea}} or ...
    Monabeanhalffinished.jpg This article has a good idea and concept, but isn't finished. You can do something about it.

    Note to tagger: Please leave a one-sentence summary about this article's idea by specifying the summary parameter.

    Usage: {{idea|summary=your_text_here}}
    Monabeanhalffinished.jpg This article has a good idea and concept, but isn't finished. You can do something about it.


  • {{expand}} or {{expansion}}{{expand}}
  • {{rewrite}} or {{rewrite|soft}}Template:Rewrite/Soft
  • {{rewrite|medium}}Template:Rewrite/Medium
  • {{rewrite|hard}}Template:Rewrite/Hard
  • {{AAP}}
  • {{Help}} This is what proofreaders do AFTER they've finished proofing & still need help. (Mention why on it's talk page.)
    Help me!

    Never fear, assistance has been summoned and will be arriving shortly!
    Leave your message below, and check out Help:Contents in the meantime.
    Please remove this template once help has arrived

  • See Also: Category:Maintenance templates