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This page is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it, in which case nobody will care. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

Note: Uncyclopedia is not what the other article that says what it is not says it isn't.

Uncyclopedia has been described as many things, most of which have to be censored to be featured in an X-rated movie. Below is a list of things Uncyclopedia is NOT:

  • A reliable source of information
  • Unbiased
  • Logical
  • Comprehensive
  • Clever
  • Topical
  • Interesting
  • Useful in any way, except for torture
  • Edible
  • Inedible
  • Your Mother
  • A democracy
  • A Dakota replacement
  • Something you should show someone before you fuck them.
  • A site that was developed to offer something to the world other than trouble and confusion.
  • A service station on the information super-highway
  • Responsible for any loss or damage that may occur
  • Your average everyday drivel
  • Acceptable in public
  • Your ordinary Wiki based encyclopedia
  • What you think
  • Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License
  • Where you should go when you're looking something up for school/work
  • A type of bicycle
  • A potato
  • A Kwik-E-Mart
  • A free webhost
  • Gay
  • Heterosexual
  • A Middle Eastern delicacy served with a well-aged Bordeaux
  • A form of psychotherapy
  • For brand new customers only
  • For children, the elderly or the overweight
  • Man's best friend
  • That new dance craze all the kids today are doing
  • Taco Bell's latest permutation of plastic taco ingredients
  • A soap box
  • The best thing since sliced bread
  • To be used for your crystal ball
  • Where George Bush finds material for his speeches - disputed!
  • An excuse for not playing poker
  • A place to buy Cornhole Kittens #4 on DVD
  • Male
  • Female
  • A member of Myspace
  • Composed of millions of floppy disks
  • The solution to world hunger
  • Something that Arthur C. Clarke invented at some point
  • Where Carmen Sandiego is
  • 42
  • Something that nine out of ten cats prefer
  • What Willis is talkin 'bout
  • Cartman's mom
  • In a very happy mood at the moment
  • An anarchy, though its residents believe it to be so.
  • A girl who misses much
  • Anything on this list
  • Encyclopedia
  • Editable
  • Computer related
  • Sparta
  • Wikipedia
  • Over there --->
  • Your playground
  • The way to San Jose
  • Available in any shops
  • Legal in some countries
  • Suitable for children under 3 (or the chronically stupid). There is a danger of choking.
  • Spartacus.
  • Lobby Lud and no you can't have five pounds.
  • Alone
"Some of the most pointless wastes of time we have come about through pressing random buttons on the internet.

It is sometimes important to commit to something for the hell of it so that it feels like we're doing something with our lives, such as go on random 'assignments' that involve interacting with people you've never met before that go by stupid codenames.
We won't do you any harm. Really. Just trust us."

-Oscar Wilde
CEO 1854-1900

Uncyclopedia International