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Under Control is an American science fiction TV series from 2009.


In the future, robots have become a part of everyday life for most people. They cook, clean, repair stuff, deliver pizza, and even provide companionship for people, among other things. Mostly, they are reliable, though they do break down on occasion. However, this is not a huge problem for them because there are other robots around to fix them.

Then, one day, a majority of the robots break down simultaneously and without explanation. Because of the sheer number of robots that have broken down, society is thrown into panic. However, they reactivate a few minutes later & everything seems normal. Unfortunately for society, the reactivated robots go rogue & start attacking their human masters. Police agencies all across the country attempt to combat the threat using human employees, but without much success.

To combat the robot insurrection, William Apple, head of the United States Department of Technology, founds a new tactical unit known as the SENT (Sentient Entity Neutralization & Taming) Team. Dan Sokolow of the Washington D.C. Emergency Response Team has been chosen to lead the team because he is one of the few police officers to have survived the robot onslaught since the beginning. Armed with high-tech equipment & specialized training, the SENT Team sets out on a mission to stop the wayward robots & restore order to the country.