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Note: If you are looking for the film entitled Underdog, please read Underdog (film).

Underdog was a documentary program that ran in the late 60's and early 70's for 9 years on NBC, and later CBS based on the life trials of a metro sexual dog set in the late 1960s.

Underdog debuted in 1964 as -- not a bird, nor plane, nor even frog -- but just little old Underdog. The namesake character completely personified the unlikely superhero as a small Border Collie dog with flesh-colored fur, a big black nose, and a big floppy wang. Oxymoronically, the name itself paints an unlikely image for a superstud; the original word being defined quite simply as, "a contestant or team not expected to win, and therefore spotted additional points for the benefit of professional gamblers".

Add to this an innocent and weak demeanor, magnified by a milquetoast voice provided by Wally Cocks (who made a life-long career out of playing emotionally troubled pornstars with borderline drug dependencies), and you get the final picture: a scrawny dog with the soul of a poet, wearing a baggy ill-fitting costume, certainly an unlikely crimefighter.

The Underdog Show was a controversial TV program in its day, seeing that anything un-hetero sexual was outlawed. Underdog’s survival on the air proved to be a shocking result of many metros stepping out of the closet. Many couples confessed to each other that they were simply in love with their partners, just not IN love with them. Others confessed they just hated each other.

The star of the show, Easy T, finally quit the show after many scandalous articles were written about his strange relationship with his dog, Polly Pure-bread. The articles read that he had too many female friends that weren’t sexual partners and the only bitch he ever really showed affection for was Polly. Easy T later became a musical genius writing such songs as “Polly, You’re the One” and “Don’t touch my dog, bitch.” When Polly finally became too old to move, Easy promptly stuffed the dog and hung himself with a pair of his own underwear. Polly was later found under the sheets of his futon.

In this short biography there is a lesson to be learned: Don’t star as someone as weird as you are or the paparazzi will destroy you and you’re dog will die. And hanging yourself with your Hello Kitty underwear is no way to profess your love to a dog.

A film version was created by Disney in 2007 and rated RR for really retarded.

The movie is not JUST merely a piece of crap. It's a steaming pile of DOG DROPPINGS! It resembles the TV series in name only, even though they almost got it right with Simon and Cad.

You want to know what the worst part of this movie was? The soundtrack! THEY DO THE UNDERDOG THEME SONG TO RAP! (read that with a silent "C" at the beginning)! Great, now that we are going to destroy something, let's go all the way. I mean, this... piece of trash, it's underdone, it's terribad, Terribad, the whirring sound is Walt spinning in his grave! Overall, the people that made / liked this movie are smoking crack! Enough said. Due to my lack of creativety: