Underdog (film)

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Directed by A person that makes sucky movies known as Raja Gosnell
Produced by Barney Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Barney the Dinosaur
Joseph Stalin
Jerry Bruckheimer so high on marijuana that he watched Barney for 24 hours straight before agreeing to produce this film.
Written by Sucky Suckson
A preschooler on snack break
Micheal Jackson
Bill Oddie
Billy Mays
Monkeys who do not yet know Shakespeare
Starring Underdog
some retarded kid
Music by A pile of Top 40 songs, boiled and pressed from their original horrid state into the most unbearable thing imaganationable
Cinematography Phil Collins
Editing by Slappy Squirrel
Distributed by Walt Disney's evil twin (my butt in other countries)
Release date(s) August Sucks, 2007
Running time 91200 years in Hell
Country The land of suckyness, and pain
Language Sucky
Budget 800 Trillion Dollars and a Child's Soul
Followed by Oh, God, PLEASE! NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE SUCKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Underdog is a film that really sucks and released on August Sucks, 2007 featuring the equally sucky dog of the same name. Several other characters suck, though it is unclear whether other suckiness exists. It is produced by Suckily Bad Entertainment and The Place that makes idiotic movies and is distributed theatrically in the United States by 20th Century Fox under the disguise "The Walt Disney Company", something they later did with 2009's G-Farce. The retarded dog is played by a real retarded dog with suck-o-vision (SOV) "enhancements". The movie started sucking in March 2006. This film is specifically based on the lame tv show.

In case you don't know, this movie sucks. It's also rated RR for really retarded. The taglines were, "To kill innocent rats in the ruff house" and "There's plenty of need to fear: Underdog is here!" (or alternatively, "TV remake hackers are near!") Trust me the plot is shit. It should have been called Undersuck.


The plot goes like this:

Some retarded plotpoint gives an ordinary beagle named Underdog (voiced by some retarded dude) uber-awesumz superpowers, including suck-o-vision. or the ability to make a really bad movie, like the one I am decribing now. He is soon befriended and adopted by a retarded 12-year-old boy named Jack b(cat). The two develop an even greater bond when they start to discover more about being stupid. Underdog thus changes his name to UnderDog Stupid. Dressed in his very own bizzare tux, Underdog flies over the town and kills everyone. When the nice, old lady Riff-Raff (Peter Dinklage) and his happy grandchildren the Spirit Squad threaten to give everybody cookies, UnderDog Stupid, truly "man’s most retarded dog" may be the old lady's only hope.

Also, there was a ham in a pile of unsolved crimes boxes! If that isn't stupid, then I don't know what is. If I could, I would make that censered due to spoilers, and suckiness. Oh wait, yes, I CAN censer it, so go back a bit and read it like this:

Also, there was a ham in a pile of unsolved crimes boxes. (censered due to spoilers, and suckiness). There we go! Perfect! Like I said, can this get any stupider?


The cast sucks

Visual effects[edit]

They suck too


Sucks. SO. BADLY.


The commercials were lame.

DVD and Blu-ray Disc release[edit]

Nobody liked the DVD either.

More about why this movie sucks so bad[edit]

This movie is not JUST merely a piece of crap. It's a steaming pile of DOG DROPPINGS! It resembles the TV series in name only, even though they almost got it right with Simon and Cad.

You want to know what the worst part of this movie was? The soundtrack! THEY DO THE UNDERDOG THEME SONG TO RAP! (read that with a silent "C" at the beginning)! Great, now that we are going to destroy something, let's go all the way. I mean, this... piece of trash, it's underdone, it's terribad, Terribad, the whirring sound is Walt spinning in his grave! Overall, the people that made / liked this movie are smoking crack! Enough said.

External stinks[edit]