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Helicopeterbitch (plural Helicopterbitches)

helicopterbitch [hel-ihop-tuhr-bich]

n. 1 person who won't SHUT THE FUCK UP about their stupid rules, doesn't forgive mistakes, voice sounds like a fucking record player that won't shut the fuck up, rules that treat you like a two-month-old baby, etc. etc. Often uses baby words, thinks it's O.K. to call you "rude" without giving a single fuck about you. When you try to fight back, they get defensive and make you feel like a pile of shit, often teachers, particularly third-graders, even though they're way too mature for that. Act as if you have no idea what the fuck is going on. "Friend(s), deceiving voices, extreme censors, movies such as The Land Before Time XI, and rarely "upset" come readily to mind.

2 never forgives you for anything, make one mistake, as a teacher, or concerned idiot person saying, "So what can we do?", etc. etc.

Me: Can I go to the bathroom? Helicopterbitch:Sign out. Me: (rolls eyes)

Helicopterbitch: So I found your stuff like Darth Vader VS Adolf Hitler, well, we can't let you write that kind of stuff at school, and I would appreciate you don't do it at home, butI can only control what happens here.

As seen above, still tries to control you.

Helicopterbitch: (repeatedly) After you pick that up, and bring it to the basket, you may sit back down at your desk.

As seen above, a selfish bitch who won't listen to reason or your point of view.

Helicopterbitch: If you continue to be rude, I will call Mrs. Hale up and she'll bring you out of the room. Period.

As seen above in the last word, uses sarcasm in a much more rude way than you would ever dream up, but still thinks it O.K to call you rude anyway. These bonus drastic drastic measures could appear if you say no more than two wrong words.

O.K., friends/squirts!

"Squirts" can make you feel like a pile of useless shit.

Etymology: Der, circa 2005, "Helicopter mom," overp, bitch, female dog, originally women, compound.