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Butter Mountain. No seriously, it's in Ireland!

Are you a recently failed politician? Perhaps you have been caught sleeping with your daughters boyfriend? Maybe your body mass is simply too large to undergo the normal process of becoming elected? Perhaps you can become an Unelected Eurocrat.

Unelected Eurocrats are the rulers of European countries, the European Union, and Swaziland. They are a breed of faceless bureaucrat that can usually only survive in the rich, tasty environments of Brussels or France.

Being unelected is useful for these doers of good deeds as well as the general community as they reduces the load on the voting public and provides the Eurocrats with free transport using the nearest gravy train.

Important Contributions[edit]

As the Eurocrats are not subject to all the normal messing about associated with being an elected politician, they are freed up to administer the following:

  • Managing the butter mountain. When the EU butter mountain becomes so large that the future of agriculture production is threatened, a crack team of Eurocrats are sent to consume the entire stock therefore allowing normal farming overproduction to proceed unchallenged.
  • Standardising everything including the straight banana, deciding what chocolate is and the process of eating both.
  • Annoying the Daily Mail, The Sun and the Daily Express. Hey, that's actually a good idea!

Earthly Form[edit]