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October 26, 2021 at 19:Template:CURRENTMINUTEIs another event from the federatión WCW (Water cosset western). A company that sells to water clossets for attack to your friends, normally made of cement and steel, rarely it is used to go bathroom, single some times some use it and after using they strike it its friends...

In this famous event it´s saw that born people like "the man with two hands" or the hardcore "tag tim" coldplay, or the historic event of the upsetting of Hitler with a tricycle by benito mussolini and he turned to "face", another event of great importance is the treason of sadam hussein, towards the side of osama bin laden, when sadam attack osama, causing that tag tim formed with tony Blair & George bush won the fight, another important event was the magnificient fight between "the Dude Boy" John Smith V/s teh emascarado one, this fight turn on a tragic conclution when "Dude Boy" kill himself accidentaly when he fell in the bottom of the tacks in a height of 4 meters.

this event have tours like : uruguay, las vegas, the moon, the sun, the sunday, but not in may or easter island. This event is annually stealed from nerds and holigans of tennis....

(What they have in its faces is india berry juice)

The memorable fights[edit]

Main event

you v/s Me =2 (1998 AC)

Ladder,Handicap Fight

George w Bush v/s The google boyz = google boyz (nobody knows, but it happened...)

Main Fight

"The Dude boy" v/s The enmascarado one = ..... (John Smith 1986 - 1337)

TLC Match (this in Spanish means: "Free Trade Agreement")

Gary Coleman v/s Shaquille O'Neal = Gary coleman