United States of Houston-Miami-New Orleans-Memphis

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The USHMNM is a country in the southern northern part of the Midwestern eastern side of the northern part of the North American continent. It's estimated population is 25,000,000 people, chickens, and dogs. Even though the chickens are seeing a serious drop in their population (due to blacks eating them with watermelons.)

It's most northern border is North Memphis, while it's most southern border is New Orleans, and it's most eastern, and western border is Baghdad. No one is really sure of how they came up with the border, but after operation Iraqi oil they just said we're taking Baghdad.


It's current president is the great emperor king sultan Juicy J. He came to power by raping little dogs, while eating chicken, and watermelon. The combination of watermelon, and chicken made him invincibly horny, so he killed all the white people, and had sex with many anonymous Mexican women, but had no children since he was a master of the act of "skeeting." When he skeeted everyone got out the way, because if you didn't you would get a nut in the face, so no one fought him for power over the fear of being skeeted on.


The USHMNM was created after the fall of the Atlanta Empire of Rap, and it is rumored that this is the holly land where the great form of skeeting was discovered. Since all records of the time were recorded on low quality rap songs there is no proof of this, but everyone knows it's true. Anyways today the USHMNM is a great example of poverty, and violence having people killed every day, and night. In the state of Memphis if someone is not killed on a given day the citizens will riot out of anger.