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Guardian of UCT, Harry

UCT: The University of Cape Town[edit]

UCT, an internationally recognised university based on it's innumerable contributions to the fields of advanced protective spell-casting (above level 35), archery and mummification.

The campus grounds are found in caverns 6 to 10 feet below the surface of the earth, and lecture halls are seperated by mazes in the underground dungeon. Fore tired adventurer, the rehabilitation centre, called Smuts Hall is located next to the town square. Some faculties are known to have traps that keep respawning, as well as a hefty giant spider problem.

Courses Offered[edit]

Besides the courses already mentioned that it is famous for, many international students belonging to the dwarven race, are drawn to the highly profesional training rooms, as they have a large collection of blessed2d12 battle axes available to all combat students.

Entrance Requirements[edit]

It is recommended before enrolling that one, or ones party of no bigger than 5 persons, is able to defeat rats found in cellars, basic undead skeletons and possibly zombies, as well as any unproffesional muggers found in the cities. The entrance requirement is that one has to run an errund for the man/beast known as Harry, who guards the entrance to the catacombs. These errunds have been known to range from retrieving the mans lost cloak in a field, to defeating the dragon which has ruined his families estate.

Famous Past Students[edit]

The first hero to arise from UCT was Tom Cruise, when he defeated a black dragon. The battle was intense, but Tom Cruise eventually won when he casted 'Divine Intervention' for the 17th time, but it is rumoured he relied heavily on potions to defeat the mythical creature, namely potions of hill giant strength, and of health.

The wicked witch of Rhodesia, Chelsy Davy, who as her masters thesis has successfully infiltrated the british royal family. This mission was assign by the man/beast Harry. His ultimate plan is to have the queen, princes Charles and William killed in a fatal "plane crash". He shall then abduct Prince Harry and rule the british empire with Chelsy by his side. Sharing the name "Harry", no one will doubt the man/beast's authenticity as rightful successor to the throne.