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The University of Sydney is a college of higher education established by the first professional protestor in Australia, one William Charles Wentworth, who was so successful at whinging that the colonial government ended up giving him one fifth of the colony. Pity it was all desert.

Since its inception in 1850, the University has now grown to include three colleges and ten faculties. Notable faculties include the Faculty of Political Science, which specialises in organising political demonstrations featuring large numbers of red flags; The Faculty of Law, which specialises in getting protestors out of jail, the Faculty of Whinging, which specialises in drug-induced protests, and the Faculty of Kittens, which studies fluffy little objects on springs and is funded by an anonymous but wealthy concern.

The most famous event in recent protesting history was an event organised jointly by the Faculty of Whinging and the SRC, which involved marching to 45 Jackson Rd, home of Mr and Mrs Carson, to protest against the persecution of North Sea salmon by Spanish conquistadors. The North Sea salmon saw their chance and took it. Striking while irons were hot they migrated up Jackson Rd. to the Faculty of Whinging building. Salmon have been the undisputed overlords of the faculty ever since, producing several noteworthy papers on the hydrodynamics of swimming up waterfalls to die, and economic assessments of tasting delicious in small tins.

The University has a rich tradition, and has produced such famous whingers and whiners as John Howard, Deputy-Vice Sheriff of the United States of America in the South Pacific Region; Malcolm Turnbull, federal grass-muncher whose policy platform is to abolish all taxes so that the government can run on proceeds from begging on George Street; King Louis XVI, even though he was dead by the time the university was founded, and the less conspicuous but supreme and almighty future ghost of Paul Hogan. The Ghost, having travelled back from a time when Paul Hogan is dead (cause presumed to be Australian) maligns the school with ghostly dissertations written to less-than-excellent academic standards and constantly sabotages the school's all-marsupial rowing team.

In a not too distant post-apocalyptic war zone a young alumnis of the University will drive the interceptor at very high speeds. Perhaps being Mad, perhaps behaving in some sort of Blue Max fashion, but certainly mad. Although future accounts of his future antics are suspect. Similar Australian nobles have been found to drive very poorly, despite owning malibu and having certain feelings toward the Jewish race.


it was realy big then it all got sold off


The university enjoys a wide selection of facilities that students may peruse to their satisfaction.

A supervised injecting centre is planned with funding from the Faculty of Recreational Pharmacy, which forecasters predict will be established in 2087 given the current open-mindedness of university health academics. Interim facilities are currently available in numerous lanes and sharehouses in the Newtown-Redfern axis, with cheap Sydney smack available most of the time. Slamming cones or puffin on ice rocks are also favourite pasttimes of the majority of Sydney University students, who share the aforementioned facilities with their horse-riding comrades.


CampAdown <-- real campus

Cumbo <-- bogon campus for tafe students

Orange <-- Quenslanders (sold)

Nursing <-- hot Chicks (Sold)

Da con <-- pepes that playing by them selfs

Law <-- shoping home base


College of Humanities and Social Sciences (finger painting)

College of Health Sciences (docter wannabe's)

College of Sciences and Technology (alcholics)

Museums and galleries[edit]

have been lost for just over 300 years ago and have never been found. although if you find some young silly fressures with paint on their fingers they may know were to go if they dont tell them to find it because they have nothing else to do