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The untruth device is a product of a severe accident. It holds the power to destroy Uncyclopedia, but luckily Mr. Potato Head found it and locked it away inside himself to protect Uncyclopedia from its evil. It also created wikipedia, the polar opposite of Uncyclopedia.

What Does It Do?[edit]

The utruth device is similar to a computer virus. It anonomously submits deliberate lies to Uncyclopedia. These "untruths" wil take root in Uncyclopedia, and continuously mutate and spawn new untruths. These, in turn, continue the process, while also exterminating truthful information. It would mutate Uncyclopedia into wikipedia, and allow wikipedia to assimilate Uncyclopedia. The only source of truth and good in the universe would be dissolved into small, isolated, floating bits of truth. This would allow the Wikinati to finally achieve their plans for a New World Order.


The untruth device came about because several contributors to Uncyclopedia mistakenly wrote a false article. This article evolved into greater and greater evil because more and more people thought it was true, and mistakenly wrote about it. It reached into the core of Uncyclopedia, the Cat-Toast Device . The device was damaged severely, and the untruth was allowed to spread throughout Uncyclopedia. Mr. Potato Head then destroyed all but the core of the untruths. this tangled, knotted core of untruth was so dense it could not be destroyed. Mr. Potato Head isolated it and set it adrift in cyberspace. It evolved into the untruth device. It continued drifting along, spawning random bits of untruth. These untruth particles began to coagulate into the beginnings of wikipedia. Mr. Potato Head saw this, and chased after the untruth device, realizing that if it continued, Wikipedia would become huge, and it could return and destroy Uncyclopedia. He captured it and used the power of the Cat-Toast Device to contain the untruth within himself, thus protecting Uncyclopedia from its destructive power.