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The urethra protects the testicles from danger.

The urethra (not my ethra, urethra) is the part of the male body which encases the testicles and dangles under the penis, sometimes swinging, or just swaying. It is a common farce that this is called the "scrotum." The scrotum is, in fact, a digestive fluid produced in the pancreas.

The urethra's main function is to grow hair which looks funny and grosses out girls. The hair can also make very good dental floss for the fact that it is naturally curly and thus doesn't require any effort to wrap around the fingers. It also protects the testicles from harmful outside forces, such as North African centipedes, missiles, and 007.

Some males are born without a urethra. This is called Exposed Dingleberries Syndrome, or EDSEF. No clue on where the "EF" comes from. Maybe because "edsef" sounds cool. Say it.Other urethra-hindering disabilities include Inverted Penis Disease, Acid Reflux Disease, or being John Wayne Bobbit.

In ancient Rome, it was not uncommon for boys to sever their urethras and offer them to the older man they were to have an affair with. This led to the invention of the falsetto singing style. In hentai, most urethras look creepily like rotten plums.

Today, the urethra serves virtually no purpose except getting in the way while you try to mow the lawn or make breakfast. Many prefer to feed their urethra into paper shredders and then stopping the bleeding by putting a shower cap on the wound.

Popular Culture[edit]

A work-safe visual representation of the urethra
  • Avenged Sevenfold released an album entitled "The Urethra Chronicles Chapter I: Movement IV: Part CXXIV: Subsection 8: Paragraph 2: Gay Dual Guitar Solos Cont'd. Part 3."
  • If the Beatles song, "And Your Bird Can Sing," is played backward at about 2:17, You can hear John saying, "gnis nac drib ruoy dna."
  • It has been speculated that dogs may dream.