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Count Dooku escaping a horde of Russians from his service in the Winter War.

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His Holiness, Popebacca.
Mr. T performs an African dance believed by Africans to cure AIDS. Having sex with three virgins also cures AIDS according to African scientists.
The problem isn't that Conservapedia is pro-gun and pro-Jesus. The problem is that Conservapedia isn't pro-gun and pro-Jesus enough.
The Niggers' cheerleading squad led derakht. "GO SAMBO GO! RUN NIGGA RUN!
Fried Cockroach. It's new menu in Japan!!
Ku Klux Klans logo.

Proof that Star Wars easily outranks George Washington as the USA's most important person ever.
It's Darth "Benedict XVI" Sidious! -"Gathering the Dark force & Lightsaber battle" speech.
Palpatine uses his sith lightning on hippie tourists.
Pope looks like palpatine 02.jpg
A blackrobe in Jew-Jitsu is truly a fearsome opponent.
Ackbar in his college years
IT'S A TRAP...CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helmetburger eatingbaby.JPG Star wars porn.jpg

Emperor Palpatine in his free time.
Chewbacca's has had several duis'
Chewbacca has become a popular model for Head and Shoulders

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