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Z This user has found the Twenty Treasures of Zork and beaten Zork: The Great Underground Empire.

Z2 This user has united the Golden Egg of Arkora and beaten Zork 2: Gruel and Unusual Punishment.

Z3 This user has saved the Beautiful Princess Rosemary and beaten Zork 3: The Dungeon Master.

Z4 This user has escaped the darkness and beaten Zork 4: Escape From Darkness.

Zqredballoon.jpg This user has found The red balloon of awesomeness!!!

Bow down to them!!!

Member of the Order
ABYSS This user has survived the wretched dark place we call The Abyss.
1+ This user has over 1 edit.
10 This user has got all the way to 10 in Citation Needed's Joke series. Applaud!
A x2 This user is lucky to have survived going through the Grue-infested pit we call The Abyss more than once.

ABYSS x?,??? This user IS The Abyss. This user finished Hypercube. But in a parallel universe, he/she didn't. Weird, huh? :B

Big mac .jpg Thou art mighty to have knoweth the Secret of thou Terminator.
OMG! HAX!!! This user has miraculously found the... Ultra Hard to Find Lemon Secret Ending in Everquest!. Why don't you give it a try?
God.jpg This user has visited heaven in Everquest!. Why don't you try to find it?
I This user has completed task 1 in Everquest. You jealous?
II This user has completed task 2 in Everquest. You jealous?
EverQuest! This user has beat Everquest!. so he pwns you.

the t t t t t t t t t t t t orders

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