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Other Stuff (Possibly Not Vandalism)[edit]

Vandalism designed for Hex!! courtesy of Template:U.

Oh, sorry for not writing in "designed for hex" YOUR MAAAAJESTY!!
Scientific classification
Kingdom Gilead
Phylum Comediphile
Class Engineer
Order Ascending
Family Under Construction
Genus Mutable
Species Human-ish
Binomial name
Hexus Assass1n
Primary armament Satire
Secondary armament Stalking
Power supply ĈħãřМαp
Health ∞²
Mana Ө
Strength ±√71
Intelligence ≠۞
Weight ≥0
Length π
Special attack Mozilla 3.2.1 Spell Check
Conservation status
Belligerent And Numerous
MafiaSuit.JPG This user is part of the Family... You've been warned....

Alright, What does "Hex" have to do with random bunch of numbers?

Well, for you uneducated-types, 4096,256,16 and 1, are the powers of 16; 0,1,2 (squared) and 3 (cubed). Alright, that means nothing. Be patient, I'm getting to the point...

Anyway, binary uses base 2, 1's and 0's... its what your computer uses, at the most fundamental level. Each binary number represents a decimal number, with an associated character that is used to create code which the computer executes accordingly. Now, Hexadecimal, is the same style of thing, with base 16 instead of the shitty base 2. So instead of 1' and 0's, you have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F. Hexadecimal code is not only a bitch to understand, but most programs won't realise what the hell it is. Its a bitch to translate and is likely to make your head feel like jell-o when your converting it through decimal to binary.

Assorted stuff I'm working on
  • Women Drivers - I just have a finger in this particular pie, adding small amounts and some pictures
  • User: 4096.256.16.1 - This page, it needs a lot of work
  • My Signature - Yes... it stinks... But I don't want to steal someone's code...
  • Canberra - Big ReWrite with DJ

Planned Works

  • HowTo: Survive in Prison
  • RU-RLY6 -Paedophiles rejoice! New, easy to use, child friendly tranquilliser!
  • Pre-Premptive Text
  • RapeChute Rhymes with GrapeFruit
  • Vocal Gesticulation

Cajek's Pissed on My UserPage again[edit]


Carlb-sockpuppet-02.jpg You lost "Are You NXWave?" : As A result, your Ban [[1]] privileges have been removed. The good thing about that is, if you win that particular game you get banned. If you lose, you're a generally alright guy. -RAHB The Legions of MediaWiki staff have proved that this user is NOT NXWave