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A Glowworm is a worm-like creature that has a self contained light source. They are parasites that infect Admins, eat out their common sense, humanity. A infested Admin has glowing eyes, foul breath, the shits, a limp dick/limp boobs, have a urge to eat pie. They make the Admins badmouth new users, block them, do NOT welcome anyone at all, tell users to get fucked. They also cause the Admins to huff roaches, which makes them worse. the worm burrows into their brains as they have sex with kittens or puppies, your Momma and you.

The infected Admins do NOT wear pants, underwear at all, due to the fact that they have a hard turd stuck in their ass. The turd glows in the dark as well, so that they can see in the dark.

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