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Throughout history, desserts have been made in many forms. They all have their differences, except for some of them, which are identical. But there's one thing nearly all of them have in common: they're really, really, really boring. The pie? You eat it. The cake? You eat it. Ice cream? You eat it. Every dessert ever made can be simplified into one of these three categories. That's it. No more desserts in the universe. Except cheese. First and foremost, this also leaves a demand in the market for a dessert that "gets eaten." You'd think the evil geniuses behind these things would have a little more creativity and fun doing their job, but no. They all long for the sweet, painless, chicken soup of death and could care less about creativity.

This list attempts to describe various desserts that don't exist, but should, or may in an alternate universe. To meet the criteria for inclusion on this list, a dessert must theoretically be able to satisfy a minimum of twelve varieties of mouth. Any desserts that satisfy fewer varieties are unworthy of inclusion and are automatically reclassified as "junk food."

This is an incomplete list. It may never be fully completed, or depending on its nature, it may be that we have better things to do. However, new and revised entries in the list are always welcome.


  • Pie with a waffle for the top
  • Waffle with a pie for the top
  • Nunchuck gun pie=
  • Candy coated waffles
  • Candy coated candy
  • Candy coated pies
  • Candy coated gummy bears
  • Candy coated bricks
  • Candy coated church with gravy inside
  • Candy coated gunchuck
  • Nuclear Missle filled with shiny pies.
  • Chocolate Suicide Pie
  • Waffles with Cheese
  • grenade disguised as fudge(or was it fudge)that just happened to be in a pie
  • Cardboard pie
  • Pie that your mom made
  • Pie with meg griffins hair in it
  • pie stuffed with cake, stuffed into a waffle(with whip cream)= tredessertum