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“Keep a chicken alive”

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Robot Chicken.
Like a chicken version of Darth Vader, only without the retarded breather thingy!

Its 11:30, pm, EST. You turn on the TV. A title card for the upcoming program turns on. "What the hell?" you say. The title card makes no sense. They talk about ping pong and ratings. Then they talk about Seth Green. What show could this title card possibly be introducing? You wonder. Then a new title card appears. It reads, "All Celebrity Likenesses are used in a parodic or fictitious manner." Oh. This show just might be good. Then comes the opening sequence. WHAT THE CLUCK?!?

Ah! Its Robot Chicken! Of course, you say. A show called Robot Chicken. Its about time that they made a show like this. No, not really. This is utter bullcrap. Its the highest rated Adult Swim original program. Which, to be honest, is like being Mexico's fastest downhill skier. But you stay tuned. And, for ten minutes of your miserable life, you felt like you were a part of something. The show made you laugh. So, it was good, yes? Let's recap.

The Robot Chicken[edit]

This guy is so smart. Just look at the fantastic program he made.

The Robot Chicken was born May 12th, 1997. He went to college. He wrote up a novel. It sold a few copies, and the Chicken had a normal life. Until he got hit by a car near a road!! A road that wasn't even near a chicken farm!! In fact, this road was near a Mad Scientist's lab. The chicken is taken in by an evil doctor, and is made into a robot! AND IS THEN FORCED TO WATCH HOURS and HOURS of SICK CRAP! Like Rhino's humping cars, and robots humping dishwashers!!!

It's not like I care or anything[edit]

I think I have to go and have a lie down now. I smashed my television.

Seth Green "Needs" To Do Robot Chicken, Says Press[edit]

Seth Green apparently created Robot Chicken because "there wasn't enough money with Adult Swim. Seth is currently involved with Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and, of course, Robot Chicken - Adult Swim's top 3 shows of a Wednesday Night. When asked about this, Seth blamed Cartoon Network for moving Robot Chicken from a respectable 11:00pm on a Wednesday to 3:04am on a Saturday. Way to go, Adult Swim.

Dan Houser Sues Robot Chicken[edit]

Grand Theft Auto: Stickman City creator Dan Houser has sued Robot Chicken US$34million for ripping off GTA in a sketch "Grand Theft Larceny: San Deigo". Seth paid up. Seth was forgiven. And by "Seth" I mean Seth MacFarlane, voice of Peter Griffin - the only person involved with "Robot Chicken" to actually make enough money to combat lawsuits. That's how weird Robot Chicken is.