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Give up your brains, and walk away.

“I'd hit it.”

~ User:AhhDiddums on Self
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I've obviously had hundreds of girlfriends!!!

The prophecy revealed so long ago hath finally been brought forth, as I am the foretold bringer of the downfall of Uncyclopedia (and those worthless fucking olds). Well, mostly just the olds.

About Me[edit]

My name is Cory, but "douchebag" will suffice. My location is a mystery... but if I was up your ass you'd know where I was!

I'll probably have sex with you if you bake me cookies.

Any page edits I make that turn out to be terrible, I just tell people I'm Stephen King and never talk about it again.

For your own safety, DO NOT open this door!!!

Why I'm Here[edit]

  • Become an admin just so I have power to abuse.
  • Uncyclopedia is the Hot Topic to Wikipedia's Gap. All the more attractive 12 year olds come here X-D
  • This is the best place to not have a life.

I'm An Asshole[edit]

Rape is such a negative word. They should call it "surprise sex."


I Am A Purveyor of Knowledge![edit]

Proof that John Grisham is My Bitch[edit]

I'm a Poet, and I Didn't Know It! (OMGLOLOL s000 cl3v3r!)[edit]

I r t3h Journalist! OH NOES![edit]

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Februrary, 2007[edit]