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Please, do not delete this page, it is part of the User:Ahj9999 pages and is just a test page for testing how to make articles.

This picture has no reason for being here, it just fills in a bit of space. Hence, 'randomness'.

“Wow, this is random.”

~ Captain Obvious on the Theory of Randomness

The following article will be so random, you will not be able to read the Bible without thinking the next page will be about the sports headlines. So prepare yourself to be randomized. No, really, brace yourself. You never know when you're head's going to fall into the screen in front of you and go straight through it. You never know if you'll find the winning lottery ticket round the next corner. Or if you're reading this in Soviet Russia, you never know if the winning lottery ticket will find you round the next corner.

So, brace yourself. Seriously.


I like fairies. Do you like fairies? Fairies like fairies so fairies must make fairy cakes for the other fairies to fairy about with in their fairies.