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The fighting guys on the left and right bottom: Gokupowerup.gif Piccolo charge.gif



So this is the code for creating this floating bug guy

      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for y- bah, screw this! I'm just beating a dead horse.



Zqwall cropped.gifSIN.jpg
Yuna trying to kill Sin.

Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo

Here's how to do a fake link.

h o w  t o  m a k e  r a n d o m  c o l o u r e d  t e x t

GREEN green

list of colors here and [[1]]


Brown Red Orange Gold Yellow Olive Green Cyan

Blue Indigo Purple Violet Pink Black Gray/Grey Silver White Beige

Stalking.jpg John Lydon
has been watching you and noticed you voted for Stalker to be Featured.

Now he doesn't have to kill you.

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Bubble Wrap. How they manage to remain so detached and clinical about it is beyond me. *pop*

From Chief, how to do options YouTube

Correct script format, Funnybony's talk page

Here are “industry standard” Script formatting instructions from Hollywood. THIS is the correct way, the science, how to write a professional script. This is a short script about script formatting by the Industry for the Industry:


How to highlight text How to link

sig:{{SUBST:User:Ohnogodnotagain/time|{{subst:CURRENTTIME}} {{subst:CURRENTDAY}} {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}}} {{SUBST:nosubst|User:Aleister in Chains/sig}}

See Also[edit]


pop ups to the side: Nazi Hover Tank article by CandidToaster

UnScripts:The Single Caucasian Roommate article by Scofield

Lake Baikal article by CandidToaster


Make pic link go elsewhere:


  1. Symbol neutral vote.svg Abstain
  2. Symbol against vote.svg Against
  3. Symbol question.svg Ask
  4. Ankh smite.png Bless
  5. Symbol comment vote.svg Comment
  6. Symbol delete vote.svg Delete
  7. Symbol EXTERMINATE vote small.gif Exterminate 
  8. Symbol for vote.svg For
  9. Symbol keep vote.svg Keep
  10. RedCheckMark.png KeepRed
  11. Symbol heart vote.svg Love
  12. 180px-Symbol apathy vote.svg.png Meh
  13. Thinmint.jpg Minty.
  14. Nuclear Explosion Seal.PNG Obliterate
  15. Symbol opinion vote.svg Opinion
  16. Pacman.png Pacman.
  17. Symbol possible vote.svg Possibly
  18. Symbol recycle vote.png Recycle
  19. Smite lightning.jpg Smite
  20. Template:Snowman
  21. Symbol abstain vote.svg Weak Abstain
  22. Symbol wtf vote.svg Wtf
  23. Symbol helicopter.svg wut?

Displayed as:

  1. Symbol neutral vote.svg Abstain.
  2. Symbol against vote.svg Against.
  3. Symbol question.svg Question.
  4. Ankh smite.png Bless.
  5. Symbol comment vote.svg Comment.
  6. Symbol delete vote.svg Delete.
  7. Symbol EXTERMINATE vote small.gif EXTERMINATE! 
  8. Symbol for vote.svg For.
  9. Symbol keep vote.svg Keep.
  10. RedCheckMark.png Strong keep.
  11. Symbol heart vote.svg Love!
  12. 180px-Symbol apathy vote.svg.png Meh.
  13. Thinmint.jpg Minty.
  14. Nuclear Explosion Seal.PNG Obliterate.
  15. Symbol opinion vote.svg I think
  16. Pacman.png Pacman.
  17. Symbol possible vote.svg I guess.
  18. Symbol recycle vote.png Recyclewrite.
  19. Smite lightning.jpg Smite.
  20. Template:Snowman
  21. Symbol abstain vote.svg Weak, weak, abstain.
  22. Symbol wtf vote.svg WTF?
  23. Symbol helicopter.svg wut?

Sig: go to your Preferences and type into the signature section. {{SUBST:nosubst|User:Big Duck/sig}} and save it at the bottom, now when you sign posts with --~~~~ it will display !0German flag.png - Big Duck

Aleister & Mimo.jpg


User:PuppyOnTheRadioUser talk:PuppyOnTheRadioSpecial:Contributions/PuppyOnTheRadioPuppyOnTheRadio

maybe show me how to make my colours fade towards the end (p.s. its hard to tell if I like this one...or the animated dog and old record player one). --User:Shabidoo/sig 10:53, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

That's easy. Each letter is in it's own span. [[User:PuppyOnTheRadio|<span style="color:#000">P</span><span style="color:#111">u</span><span style="color:#222">p</span><span style="color:#333">p</span><span style="color:#444">y</span>]] [[User talk:PuppyOnTheRadio|<span style="color:#555">D</span><span style="color:#666">e</span><span style="color:#777">b</span><span style="color:#888">a</span><span style="color:#999">r</span><span style="color:#aaa">k</span><span style="color:#bbb">e</span><span style="color:#ccc">d</span>]] Like that
All this can be yours

ip address

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hacks are tricks that aim to circumvent existing restrictions of the MediaWiki software. Due to the parody nature of Uncyclopedia, these are quite numerous. They are sorted by the magnitude of intervention, from custom tags to site-wide CSS hacks to in-place CSS/template magic.

Custom tags[edit]

Multiple page views[edit]

Multiple page views allow you to create an individual page that has various random or predetermined changes within the page if certain parameters are met, or based upon a random element.

Random choice tag[edit]

The <choose> tag is used as follows:

<option weight=5>Text3</option>

Every time the page is loaded, the tag is replaced with one of the options. Options with a greater value have a greater chance of popping up. If an option has no value, 1 is assumed.

Besides random selectors, this template is also useful for stripping categories out of templates. Typing


includes the template without adding the page to categories it implies. For examples that use random templates, see Mad Libs and Tourette's Syndrome.

{{R}} randomisation[edit]

With templates using randomisation like this you will find that you will have the same thing showing up several times on one page. For example the {{noun}} template produces a random noun on the loading of the page. By using this same template throughout the page you end up with the same noun being repeated, so that {{noun}} {{noun}} {{noun}} {{noun}} {{noun}} produces:

death plane death plane death plane death plane death plane

By using the {{r}} template this continues the randomisation throughout the page as it loads, so that {{r|noun}} {{r|noun}} {{r|noun}} {{r|noun}} {{r|noun}} produces:

guillotine terrorist FREEDOM FIGHTER brand hadron respiratory system

{{CGI}} page alteration[edit]

When creating a page that you wish to have several variations on an individual page but have the ability to determine the output of the page, using {{CGI}}. Details of how to use 0 can be found on the template page itself. By using this with a parser functions like {{#switch:}} you have the ability to determine changes to a page.

For example:

:Current value is {{CGI}}
:{{CGI|{{#expr:{{CGI}}+1}}|Increment the current number}}
:{{CGI|{{#expr:{{CGI}}-1}}|Decrement the current number}}
:{{#switch:{{#expr:{{CGI}} mod 2}}  <!-- determines if a number is odd or even -->
 | 0 = even
 | 1 = odd

Produces the following output:

Current value is 0
Increment the current number
Decrement the current number

Try clicking on the above links to see the changes.

This is used in Chatroulette to scroll through the different screen options without creating numerous pages.

DPL and forums[edit]

Dynamic page list[edit]

The dynamic page list tag is a MediaWiki extension and is currently used on UnNews. It has the following syntax:

shownamespace=true (or false)
mode=ordered (or unordered)
suppresserrors=true (or false)

This tag gets page titles in the specified namespace and category and pastes them as a numbered/bulleted (controlled by the ordered parameter) list. This example lists all articles from Category:Encyclopedias in an ordered and unordered fashion. (It is a table with a dynamic page list tag in both cells.)

  1. Encyclopædia Britannica
  2. Deletion
  3. Eincyclopedia
  4. -edia
  5. Discyclopedia
  6. Kamelopedia
  7. Wiccipedia
  8. Encyclopedia
  9. Encyclopaedia Metallum
  10. Moby-Dick
  11. Noncyclopedia
  12. Pirateopedia
  13. Uses of an encyclopediae
  14. Kipedia

More information on DPL can be found here

Forum tag[edit]

The forum extension is similar to dynamic page lists, except it displays more information about the entries. See Forum:Index (in fact, the tag should be used only on forum pages, or in Uncyclopedia:Maintenance, or Template:Oldcatlist).

Site-wide CSS hacks[edit]

These are managed via MediaWiki:Uncyclopedia.css (for skin-specific hacks, it is the Uncyclopedia equivalent of MediaWiki:Monobook.css (The skin called Monobook differs by the placement of Google ads and is used for other Wikia.)) and MediaWiki:Common.css (for site-wide hacks).

Non-white image frames[edit]

Normally, if a thumb/frame image is placed on a non-white background, the result is crappy. To circumwent default MediaWiki behavior, transclude the image in a nonwhite class div, like this:

<div class="nonwhite">[[Image:File.ext|thumb|Description]]</div>

This table shows the difference. The left column uses the default MediaWiki rules, while the right column uses the hack.

Uncyclopedia logo
Uncyclopedia logo

Underlined and non-underlined links[edit]

Traditionally, wikilinks are not underlined if viewed by an anonymous user and underlined if viewed by a registered user. However, some pages may require this convention to be overridden. If class="(no)underlinelink" is applied to an HTML element, line a span, div, table or column, it will make all links inside that element (non-)underlined.

This column uses default behavior for links.

Stealth external links[edit]

Mostly used for Template:User, this class allows technicaly external (links to Uncyclopedia that require parameters) links to appear almost exactly like wikilinks. This class can be used in table, div, span, tt, etc.

normal class="plainlinks" class="stealthexternallink"
Wiki link
External link
Interwiki link
Broken link


Also, a slight edit to class="new" allows it to be imparted on, and indeed overwrite, wikilinks:

normal class="new"
Wiki link
Broken link
Wiki link
Broken link

Custom Logos[edit]

Several namespaces have custom logos using body[class=ns-0] #p-logo a redefinitions. You can't edit them, but you can suggest them at Uncyclopedia:Logos.


Here is a stupid little piece of code to make clickish-able buttons in some browsers (click the mouse button down and hold it, in Mozilla and Opera maybe):

Clickable link

Just text

You can define any border color/width, font, or background color you like. Just do not define a border-style in the text (the css swaps it from outset to inset) or it will not be changed.

Note: Recently changed from :hover to :active, more akin to a form button)

Bold Administrators[edit]

The names of the administrators are currently bold on Special:Recentchanges. This is done with a gay css trick:

ul.special li a[title="User:Algorithm"],
ul.special li a[title="User:BobBobBob"],
ul.special li a[title="User:Volte"] { font-weight: bold }

You can copy the list to your user css and do fun things with it if you so desire.

Find and greet noobs[edit]

If you are a greeter whore (the type who likes to subst: in {{Welcome}} to aim for the top of Special:Mostlinked), this little trick will show missing talk pages for logged in users bold bright green (in Mozilla and maybe Opera) in recent changes. Just add it to your css:

ul.special li a[title ^="User talk:"].new { color:#00ff00;font-weight:bold }
ul.special li a[title ="Special:Contributions"] + a[title ^="User talk:"].new { color:#CC2200;font-weight:normal }

The first line triggers for all missing (class="new") User_talk: links on Recent Changes (and some other special pages). The second line triggers for all anonymous IP talk pages (which you don't want to greet). Therefor, if you tweak the styles of the first line, you should undo any tweaks in the second to reduce false positives. Eg: { color:#00ff00;border:2px dashed red;background-color:pink;text-decoration:blink; } and { color:#CC2200;border:none;background-color:transparent;text-decoration:none; }

Hiding/showing stuff[edit]

You can add code to your user uncyclopedia.css and show or hide many features, if you so desire. Here are some you may wish to adjust:


In {{S}} (used in some other templates) and {{vfp}}, there are (optionally somtimes) score boxes to tally votes. For some people who tally votes this can be distracting. To hide these you can use:

.scorebox {display: none;}


In {{VFH}}, there is a hidden (by default) div which shows the appropriate code for placing {{FA}} (the featured-article template, including date and link to 'featured' version). You can display it with:

.featurecode {display: inline;}


In user signatures, you can make hidden text that is shown when the user hovers over a part of your sig.

<span class="sigexpand">Sig<span class="sighidden">nature</span></span>

turns to:


In-place CSS/template hacks[edit]

Modifying these does not require adminship.

Title override[edit]

The {{title}} template can be used to replace the displayed title of an article:

Usage: {{title|new title|align=ALIGNMENT}}. This page uses title|align=center as an example. Both parameters are optional.

Fake "From Wikipedia" text[edit]

Originally created for the Cell church page, the {{fromwp}} template, which needs to be included at the top of the page, prints a fake "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" subheader. It is used on this page.

Conditional templates[edit]

These templates output its value only if a certain condition is met.

  • {{if|condition|text|alternate text}}
  • {{switch|key|case a=value|case b=value|...|default=value}}
  • {{ifie|text}}
  • {{ifnotie|text}}

The if template outputs the text if "condition" is not an empty string; otherwise, it prints the alternate text. The ifie/ifnotie templates output the text if the user is/isn't using Internet Explorer.

This is only shown in IE.
This is only shown in browsers with better CSS support, such as Opera and Firefox.

There exist tag-like versions of ifie/ifnotie for those who need advanced formatting (if one tries adding HTML attributes in a template parameter, the entire parameter gets stripped). Usage:

  • {{ie-begin}}text{{ie-end}}
  • {{notie-begin}}text{{notie-end}}
Nuvola apps important.svg
This box is only visible in IE.
Nuvola apps important green.svg
This box is only visible in browsers with better CSS support.

See also[edit]


Thanks, Al 1:37

[url=]UnNews:U.S. Supreme Court allows everyone to go naked[/url]
Although the exact same code here hits a spam filter. User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sig3