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Andreus was born during a freak accident involving a cold fusion experiment involving a large piece of plywood shaped like a digital camera. This was odd, since at the time of the experiment digital cameras didn't exist. The plywood burnt, completely ruining the cold fusion experiment, but it opened an interdimensional portal which led to an alternate dimension in which people were not jackholes. However, on transiting through this portal, Andreus became a jackhole, and also acquired such charming personality traits as ADHD and The Gay.

The scientists lied to him about his parentage, and sent him to live in a house with two really nice people who happened to have remarkably similar DNA to him. It was at this point that things became slightly out of the ordinary.

Andreus and the Americans[edit]

Unusually for one who browses Uncyclopedia, Andreus is not an American. For those unable to grasp this (admittedly quite complicated) fact this may require additional explanation.

Grak! Verp 02:28, 28 November 2007 (UTC)