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“My real name is Andro-lol

~ Androide91


~ Andro-lol on Androide91

“ZOMFG, it's here! HIM”
~ Oscar Wilde on Andro-lol

"I've finally found you!"

~ Andro-lol's mother on Andro-lol


~ Andro-lol on his mother

Androide91's History[edit]

Andro-lol (b. 1879) come from Mordor and is the son of a goblin and a mother. Her childish was greatly influencied by Einstein and Yoda, t3h pow4h br0th3rs.

At the age of 59-67+(0x00x0x0x0xx00x0x0x0x00xx0x0x0x0x0x00x0x0xo0)-(6x1) he met Domokun, and he teached Androide91 to cook and kill dogs.

"Oh it fucking rocked."

~ Andro-lol on killing dogs

Some years laters, his family moved to Chile, and he started to plain the World Conquer, but Pinky & The Brain, his partners, died in battle. Soon, Andro-lol left the idea.

The Zangief final´s after win to adroide91 ,zanguief wins with two perfects and fatality (Zanguief not kill dogs).


Nowadays Andro-lol is doing nothing, that means, living with his family and sometimes going out with friends (and yeah, he has.. we think).

Andro-lol's Friends[edit]