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Andrusi is a humanlike creature known primarily for wearing yellow goggles.


On February 1, 1984, Andrusi was formed from the ashes of several incinerated Mega Man recolors.

Andrusi did absolutely nothing until mid-1998, when he crashed a spaceship into Earth. Earth was highly displeased, but Andrusi refused to leave and proceeded to say a number of exceptionally stupid things.

In 1999, Andrusi invented geable, which revolutionized the universe. Later he released the even better Mega Geable, which took over the world.

In 2002, Andrusi invented the computer, with assistance from Stakeout and Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • Andrusi's goggles make him cool and get him all the girls. This is in stark contrast to the inferior goggles used by many others, which do nothing.
  • When Andrusi holds his arm out, he becomes sexy.
  • Andrusi can combine with the other Mooglebots, forming the left leg of Moderator.
  • Andrusi is popularly believed to be flight-capable.
  • Andrusi is not a utahraptor, but he is quite crazy.
  • Andrusi owns a mysterious copy of Windows XP which is completely immune to crashing and spyware. Nobody knows why.


  • Andrusi dislikes onions.
  • Andrusi likes Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Andrusi cannot correctly read a calendar.
  • Andrusi is nearsighted.
  • Andrusi is prone to fuel problems in vehicle mode.
  • Andrusi is incapable of disobeying a direct order from Pretty Cure, especially if it is "NEVA GEEB OP!"

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