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The feared Nose eater, Scrooble
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Eggman (A.K.A. "Chokadoobie"/"Scrooble") is a Noseater (See Minions of Noseybonk) Who possessed small children and made them kill others. To live, he/she must eat small toys and chocolate. It is Noseybonk's second in command and usualy only mutters evil spells to controll possessed beings. The only understood words are "Chokadoobie!", (which is some kind of Deathchant or Summoning of Death) "Toy" (Food), and "DIE!" (Meaning "go to hell bastard/ bitch!"). It is thaught to be named "Scrooble" (Not screw-ball or screw you!) As before faking it's own death to help Noseybonk in hiding, he said "Me Scrooble now!" Here is some footage of him faking his death. Please note how Scrooble never hits the ground!


Scrooble discovered a new drug that he gives out to kids in europe... Kinder.

Chokadoobie was first Recorded to have appeared way back in AD958, And was originally Thought to be Satan, but Nobody seemed to care. It was thought to be an obscure urban legend up until 1785, when an adventurer claimed he had found the reason as to why children where going missing...

It was also revealed that He was partially responsible for spreading AIDS in Britain, and had infected OVER 9000 people.

He was not seen again until 1908, where he brutally murdered Rick Astley and Tay Zonday, unleashing Justine Bieber into the world.

In 2001, he allied himself with Mr Noseybonk, and is now a Noseater.

When found raping a 1 year old in Wales, Scrooble replied "It's all the time I need..." (Though it sounded more like "OH GROBLY!") He possessed small children all over the world. This REALY Pissed off Michael Jackson, ESPECIALLY When Scrooble started Picking off his little boy slaves.