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One of Ancient Greece's many relics

Welcome to the realm of my user space. Apollo is the Greek god of prophecy, musical and artistic inspiration, and archery. I chose to name my profile after Apollo because I enjoy running around naked, and I am a creative person. I'll finish this page and all my other stuff eventually, don't worry. For now, enjoy the pages I already have created. You might think I'm insane for having so many unfinished projects, but I'll finish those eventually. I just find it convenient to start a bunch of pointless projects at one time so I can just work on a different one if I run out of ideas. Even though many of my projects are unfinished, it's still worth taking a looking at them since many are just uncompleted ideas, and you may even get the inspiration to copy/paste my articles come up with ideas of your own. Most of the projects I started but didn't finish are just articles on which I ran out of ideas. If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to leave a comment on my user talk page.

Update: 10/04/08: I have reached my 40th project. At this rate, I'm creating 8 projects for every completed article. My user space now has more unfinished projects than the amount of unbuilt schools in Camden. I have officially gone insane!

Update: 11/13/08: I created my 10th article today, and I have 60 unfinished projects to work on, of which 21 I have started.

Update: 1/11/09: I haven't been as active as I usually am, but I'll still continue to work on my articles. Just don't expect anything major to happen quickly.

My Priorities[edit]

  • Creating articles about the NFL positions and its players
  • Making an article for every major city of New Jersey and culture
  • Making articles about the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and culture
  • Creating articles which are in the list of most wanted articles
  • Improving existing articles which fit into these categories

Problems Works of Literature I Started:[edit]


Philadelphia 76ers

New Jersey Turnpike

Colored People's Time

Camden, New Jersey

HowTo:Invade Fort Dix

Five paragraph essay

Football War

Philadelphia Inquirer


Running back

New Jersey State Constitution

Newark, New Jersey

Life of Pi

Works of Art I Stole from Wikimedia:[edit]

My Projects:[edit]

Cheesesteak project G

Philadelphia 76ers project G

Interstate 95 project

SEPTA project

Fear Factor project !

New Jersey Turnpike project G

Lineman project G

Linebacker project

Defensive back project

Running back project G

Wide receiver project

White supremacy project

Black supremacy project

Punter project

Camden, New Jersey project G

Newark, New Jersey project G

Colored People's Time project G

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Tom Brady project !

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

High School Musical project !

New York Yankees project !

Five paragraph essay project G

Football War project G

Philadelphia Eagles rewrite

Philadelphia Phillies rewrite

West Philadelphia project

West Philadelphia (Will Smith version) project

South Philadelphia project

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Game:Soviet Russia project workspace

Center City project

Pennsylvania project

Philadelphia Flyers project

Six Flags Great Adventure project

Trenton, New Jersey project

HowTo:Invade Fort Dix project G

Garden State Parkway project

Monday Night Football project

Pro Bowl project

Slam dunk project

Princeton, New Jersey project

Long Beach Island project

Hit stick project

Little Boy project

Fat Man project

Vineland, New Jersey project

Brick Township, New Jersey project

Toms River, New Jersey project

Jersey City, New Jersey project

Cherry Hill, New Jersey project

The Oranges project

Pine Barrens project

Truck stick project

Politics of New Jersey project

New Jersey State Constitution project G

New Jersey Supreme Court project

Jim McGreevey project

SimCity project

Sleep-learning project

No left turns project

HowTo:Parallel Park project

Philadelphia Inquirer project G

United States of Africa project

United Communist States project

HowTo:Tame a Feral Mountain Lion project

HowTo:Give your Cat a Pill project

HowTo:Give your Cat a Bath project

HowTo:Take your Cat to the Vet project

HowTo:Brush your Cat's Teeth project

HowTo:Stop your Cat from Scratching the Sofa project

HowTo:Survive being Stranded on a Boat with Nothing but a Rabid Mountain Lion project

Life of Pi project G

Holland Tunnel project

Singing sand project

Why?:Donate Your Organs Right Now project

China-Taiwan Relations project

Goose terrorism project

Iran–Israel relations project

Excessively Sharp Jewelry Store project

G-graduated project

!-in top 500 most wanted pages, but not necessarily more likely to be completed

Extreme Makeover: Apollo1758 Edition (Articles in need of serious makeover)[edit]

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Phillies


My Templates[edit]

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