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Foolitzer Prize Award Foolitzer Prize Winner September 2006

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Rapper 50 "Fiddy" Cent raps about masturbating into condiments in his burger-flipping days in such lyrical bombs as "My burgers sizzle / and that's the shizzle / and I'm a straight-up jizzle / in yo' mayonnizzle".
Armando Perentie yesterday. "You expect me to lay out a pretty-looking page with these claws? Get stuffed," he says.
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Drongos just became an endangered species.
Chun li .jpg "GO ON - GIVE THE FERRET A RUN!"
Chun Li supports Australian ferret racing

Armando Perentie is a large, docile goanna from south-eastern Australia. Other than basking in the sun on warm, toasty bitumen, drinking beer and wasting time here, his interests are few and equally pointless.

He is also the founder, chairman, chief executive, chief correspondent and editor-in-chief of the Goanna News Network, a niche news operation with correspondents in Melbourne, Pakenham, Pakenham Upper, Alice Springs, Canberra, Cardiff, Beirut, Ballarat, Beijing, Damascus, Islamabad, Mindanao, Mexico (Day Effay), Washington (Day Effay), South Yarra and Arkham, Massachusetts.

My load of old bollocks[edit]

Did you know…
Tintin never actually set foot in Cambodia because Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took over the joint two days before he was due to visit for a holiday.


UnNews:Tebow shitcans make-up artist after Matthew 6:5-6 blunder

UnNews:Bloke not telling 7-Eleven clerks about armed robber any more

UnNews:Police search for sceptical vandal

UnNews:Slave to the Grind matches Dr Feelgood on two-song basis

UnNews:Cosmic Psychos, Hard-Ons, Skid Row Unaware of Related iTunes Downloads

UnNews:McCain pledges to 'reach out to the Gaysian community'

UnNews:Jeopardy producers sue Sodomy! creator

UnNews:AC/DC fan admits best AC/DC song is actually by The Casanovas

UnNews:Steve Kernahan named Australian of the Year

UnNews:India wake up, get clue, win Test match

UnNews:Tony Greig announces release of limited-edition Shane Warne "Red Wings" souvenir

UnNews:Gran Turismo 5 to include carbon-offset option

UnNews:'Niggers will steal our watermelons,' Australian government warns

UnNews:Cairne Bloodhoof praises 9/13 attackers in video message

UnNews:Call for world leaders' penis size to be made public

UnNews:Doctors warn of Scrotox dangers

UnNews:MTV announces launch of Chimp My Ride

UnNews:Six-year-old girl denies "slut" claim

UnNews:Sunnis, Shia clash at Australian Open tennis

UnNews:Saudi king rockets onto approved dictators list

UnNews:Mother Teresa appears in KY handprint

UnNews:Freddie Flintoff: "Smoke 'em if you got 'em"

UnNews:Chris Isaak not sure about all this talk about "San Francisco values"

UnNews:Newspaper makes all sections more appealing

UnNews:Australia shits itself about Fiji coup

UnNews:Prince Charles: "I say! Pakistan's a bit of a rum show, wot?"

UnNews:"Stingray" skate skates at ray-sting arraignment

UnNews:Conservationist alarmed by retreat of South Yarra Ice Shelf

UnNews:White House releases approved dictators list

UnNews:National Piss in the Sink Week launched

UnNews:Virgin Kalimdor announces one-copper flights to Ogrimmar

UnNews:Google, Yahoo! join forces to combat "lol fraud"

UnNews:Phone books are our cultural heritage, say police

UnNews:Chinese blogger's death brings the gift of life

UnNews:Moro Islamic Liberation Front needs new acronym

UnNews:Pastafarian uprising stuns Middle East

UnNews:Mark Webber is rubbish, says Australian Formula One champ

UnNews:"Where is the love?" asks stud stallion

UnNews:Mexico seeks return to pre-1848 borders

UnNews:Foreigners don't understand democracy, says Bush

UnNews:Australia orders fleet of prison hulks

UnNews:Cthulhu severs ties with Miskatonic University

UnNews:Goanna ordered to see optometrist

UnNews:'Bugger that for a joke,' says Australian soldier

UnNews:Blogger stoked by spike in traffic

UnNews:Welshman sick of people using the word "welsh"

UnNews:Police launch manhunt for beer burglar

UnNews:Hezbollah scores own goal, says murdered Colombian footballer

UnNews:Call to list US Republican Party as terror group

UnNews:Dozens killed in Habbo Hotel bombing

UnNews:Zizou gotta rattle them pots 'n' pans

UnNews:New tsunami 'hardly worth getting out of bed for'

UnNews:Call for help in clearing region's ethical minefields

UnNews:Syrian torturer disappointed by suspension of US rendition flights

Stuff I wrote but which is probably totally different now:

Assburger's syndrome



East Timor

Ferret racing


Kevin Andrews



Sport in Australia (apart from the ACL)

V8 Supercars

And in UnBooks:

UnBooks:DownTheTubes (Former Ferret Squad detective Peter Ploddart's no-holds-barred memoirs)

And in lieu of a free set of steak knives:

I used to waste my time blogging at Roadkill Goanna but I don't any more. It was stupid anyway.

Stuff that rocked my casbah[edit]

Age of Umpires

Barns and Nobles

Political advertising

Taco Bell

World of Whorecraft

Zombie Bukkake

HowTo: Learn Guitar

UnNews:67% of Israeli teens call current war "bitchin'!"

UnBooks:Pudgic Bible

Shiny things[edit]

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Knight Commander of the Order

And, er, that's it[edit]

As we say in Oz: "I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down." And "Don't let your meat loaf." -- Sir Armando Perentie Icons-flag-au.png KUN FP 14:38, 31 July 2006 (UTC)

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Passive smokers should piss off and buy their own.