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Where does your PMS fall?

“Geez, stop PMSing.”

~ Oscar Wilde on women

“Why'd they call it PMS? 'Cause mad cow disease was already taken.”

~ George Bush on his daughters

PMS? You want me to tell you about it? Okay, just shut up. I really don't want to talk to you right now. Seriously, just go ask somebody else. I really just don't want to talk about it. Didn't I tell you to go away? And you're still reading. Are you some kind of idiot or something? Do you want me to hurt you? I'm going to count to five, and when I'm done, you better be gone......Dammit, you suck. Really, I'm not kidding about this. JUST FRICKIN LEAVE, OKAY?

Girl is mercilessly clubbed to death

What is PMS?[edit]

Misty just lost.

PMS is a game that has recently asploded in pop-culture. The title PMS stands for: Pissing-off Many Sistas. Another common name AGEP: Annoying Girls Experiencing Periods, put this is much less pronouncable. Amazingly, despite its widespread popularity, girls actually haven't figured out about it. This is probably because they're too busy shopping to notice.


  1. A group of guys find a girl who is going through her period, and thus is really pissy.
  2. Each guy takes a turn, in a circle, to annoy the girl
  3. Each boy tries to be more annoying than the last
  4. The game ends when the girl finally gets so annoyed that she smacks somebody in the face


  • Scoring for the girl:
    • Automatically, the girl loses 50 points for being a girl, and cannot gain any more. So, she's already lost.
  • Scoring for the boys:
    • 10 points for each verbal assault
    • 20 points for each physical assault
    • 30 points for each sexual assault
    • 35 points for each scrotum in the face
      • EXCEPTION: Lose 40 points for each scrotum in the face of another guy
    • 50 points for getting hit by the girl
    • 60 points for getting killed by the girl
      • NOTE: Points for game will be inscribed on epitaph

Going Too Far[edit]

An example of what happens when you go too far.

An important thing to note about PMS is that those who're playing should know when they've gone too far, as this usually has disastrous results (see trivia). Some good indications are:

  • The girl begins pulling mace / a gun / a mace / a sword out of her purse
  • The girl begins strangling you
  • The girl has access to a nuclear missle
  • The girl is Star Jones


  • It is a little known fact that World War II was actually started as a cause of a game of PMS. Hitler's wife was so pissed off that she told her husband to take over Europe and kill all the jews. At least, that's what the Neo-Nazis say.
  • The last time Hello Kitty lost a game of PMS, she ended up killing three people, including the Japanese Prime Minister, a prostitute, and Yu-gi.
  • A formal PMS league has been set up called the NPL (National PMS League), organizing formal PMS competitions across the country

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