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What's up?
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“Teach a man to reason, and he'll think for a lifetime.”

This user is quite literally the greatest user ever, and all the other users should sit down and let him be so great. My signature should have been evidence enough of this, but some people just don't learn.

About me[edit]

I will probably mostly bother with editing stuff to make everyone else look less retarded.

I have experience from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica, too. Fuck them, though.


Shit I made[edit]

  • Bespin: Working on expanding it

Shit I largely rewrote or am in the process of rewriting[edit]

  • Greedo: Previously was a stub in which someone decided to copy a nonsense section and paste it over and over throughout the article.
  • Bassoon: Rewrote to save from VFD.
  • Fidel Castro's Hurricane Cannon: Rewrote to save from VFD.

Shit I helped out with[edit]

Here's another header[edit]

No reason[edit]

I just feel like it.[edit]