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Bizznitch, Fall 2003

yer_mom loves me more.

True, but I think I love you.

Monkeys once stole my bananas, and made me cry.

Reputedly Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee, and taught Muhammad Allah-Lee the value of this strategy when she beat him in a boxing match.

Bizznitch is also known as being the co-ruler of the Jabbos, alongside Marcos. No one is sure yet which of these two will kill the other yet, though the Jabbos are hoping that Marcos destroys Bizznitch.

I hate Mana and masturbating. I voted for George_w._bush.

I am not a pathological liar.

I am also not Andrea C. Jones

Burning Questions[edit]

Is Bizznitch really Andrea_C._Jones? Or is it all a cruel hoax?

  • I guess that is for Bizznitch to know and me not to find out.
  • Even if she was, which one is she? [[1]]