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Ians Not So Boring Life is Jhonen Vasquez's Second Animated Series and is a Spin-off of Invader Zim that Revolves around an Irken Invader known as Ian being sent to Earth by The Tallests to destroy The Earth. Ian needs infiltrate info from These Earth Monkeys in order to destroy all Human life however Zim stiffles his mission. Each Season has 28 episodes. Within each season's run, "Holiday" themed episodes are aired out of order to coincide with the holiday. The episodes are listed in chronological order. In Season 2 a few episodes of Grizdar have aired in it because some were replaced.


Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
0A Untitled Pilot #1 The first pilot was created in 1999 as a small practic animation for Invader Zim and featured Doug Lennox as the original voice of Ian. Ian was notably based off Lennox's character in "Thomas & the Magic Railroad" named P.T. Boomer (Which was eventually cut). The story mainly revolves upon Ian's original origins, such as how he became a great success and his horrid experience on Earth. The pilot has been completely snipped in 2000 due to Vasquez's undesire to use it and has not been revealed. The film real was recovered during the creation of Brianne. Ianorig.PNG
0B Pilot The Pilot Episode for Ians Not So Boring Life. The Pilot revolves around Zim trying to teach Ian to fit in with the crowd for he was having trouble trying to fit in with those Human Pigs although Zim knows nothing about "Normal". DAE9A3C6.jpg

Season 1[edit]

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
01 The Nightmare Begins (Once Again) The Tallests hire a mentally insane Invader named "Ian" to assasinate Zim on Earth. Ian tries to please the Tallests by taking the planet over so he convinces Zim and Skoodge that hes been sent as extra help. Noscreen.png
02A Ian goes to Hobo 13 Invader Ian is Sent back to Hobo 13 for more Training however unlike last time on Hobo 13 (Where his Team Leader was A Rock) The Leader Commander Cen is Hardcore and all his Members (Except Ian) have Chickened out on all Commander Cen's tests. Cen had Ian do all the tests Commandercen.png
02B Fad of the Doomed Ian learns about the concept of fad's and how the kids always try to keep up with them. So he tries to introduce a hat that would make the kids his Zombie slaves. Noscreen.png
03 Invader Zim's Demise Zim is stalked and eventually abducted by an Irken General named General Mek (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) seeking revenge on Zim for scarring his face and crushing his arm in the same incident on Devastis that trapped Tak and crushed Ian. Zim escapes in the end but his Voot is overpowered by a strong force which causes him to crash. Noscreen.png
04 The Return of Something Hideous Ian is confronted by Tak (voiced by Olivia D'Abo) who believes Ian is Zim and tortures Ian. Later Ian finds out that Tak is the Irken who bent up his antannea. IannTak2.PNG
05 The Mysterons When Tak actually finds Zim, she is held captive by what is apparently an Alien from a race known as "The Mysterons" (voiced by Mike Hayley) taken the form of Zim. Ian follows this Mysteron thinking it is Zim to try and kill him. Noscreen.png
06A Vaul Ian is confronted by a Rogue Irken named Vaul (voiced by Eric Roberts) who is hired by an unknown enemy of Ian's to kill Ian Vaul.png
06B Who is this Prick? A kid who shares Ian's name is suspicious of Ian since his appearance is very similar to his own appearance. Noscreen.png
07 Irken Empire corrupt The Almighty Tallest Red and Purple are held captive by an Alien Missionary called Miuinisa now calling himself Dr. Miui (Voiced by Timothy Bateson). Ian must face what is apparently an old Foe! Newmassive.jpg
08 Irken Eye for the Dib-Human Guy Dib becomes the victim of a Sting operation when he is kidnapped from his house by a group of Irkens calling themselves the "Fabulous 5" who claim that Dib isn't "Irken Enough". The irkens then reveal themselves to be Invader Larb and his companions and that they were mearly trrying to protect Dib from a cyborg bounty hunter named Insecticon (Voiced by Mark Hamill) who was sent by Vaul to kidnap him. Irkeneye.png
09A The Zimfather While making way back to Earth in his Voot Cruiser, Zim is taken hostage by The Alien Mafia as their Godfather since he is the worst Irken of their race. Noscreen.png
09B Vindication Dib disguises himself as an Irken Invader to confuse Zim and Ian. Noscreen.png
10A Ian or is it Danny Ian, tired of being tormented by the skool students tries to introduce himself as a new child named Danny. Noscreen.png
10B ' Noscreen.png
11A ' Noscreen.png
11B ' Noscreen.png
12A Tallest Nigzarvich Former Almighty Tallest Nigzarvich comes for Revenge on Zim for Setting his Office on Fire in The Past and making him resing as Tallest and become the CEO of Galaxy Burger. Noscreen.png
12B Ian Unknown An Alien Rogue known as Gonza (Voiced by Steve Little) makes everyone forget about Ians existance for Destroying his homeplanet. Ian must remedy this. Noscreen.png
13 ' Noscreen.png
14A Resisty or Not to Resisty The Resisty members Lard Nar, Spleenk and Shloonktapooxis go to Earth disguised as The New Kids. Shloonktapooxis being a legless Deformed Kid and Spleenk as a Robot test subject. Noscreen.png
14B ' Noscreen.png
15 Couch of Doom Sizzlor makes a couch / prison spaceship and sends it to zim and says its from the tallest, zim & gir sit in it and get sucked in and are imprisoned while the couch flys back to foodcourtia. Noscreen.png
16A Invader Tenn on Earth Tenn comes to Earth to try and get her revenge on Zim for getting the Megadoomer and the destruction the SIRs caused to her mission. Noscreen.png
16B Gibberish When Ian and Zim's plans to destroy the human race are almost recorded by Dib, Ian and Zim decide to make up their own language so Dib can't understand their plans. However, their secret language is considered Gibberish by everyone, and Ms. Bitters uses a "Crazy Card" to put Ian in the Mental Hospital. Zim (under threats from Tak) must now save Ian from a Lobotomy. Noscreen.png
17 Nightmare Trauma Ian is kidnapped by a dark source, though the creature reveals itself to be the Nightmare version of Ian (Voiced by Keith Scott) who has escaped from the Nightmare World in Dib's head. In order to stop the madness, Dib and Zim team up to try and stop the Nightmare. INSBLepno89.png
18A Zak An Alien named Zak (Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) comes to destroy Ian out of jealousy for his life. Noscreen.png
18B ' Noscreen.png
19A General Viron Noscreen.png
19B The Defectives The Defective Irkens Lentil, Chez, Wez, Lombart, Chorg and Zubazub that tried to get Zim to join them are hired by Irken crimminal Mastermind Vaul to capture Zim and Ian and put them both under Vaul's power. Noscreen.png
20 Total Insanity Ian, pondering upon a solution to his failures in killing Zim, reluctantley agrees to team up with Tak. The two end up getting their hands on GIR, and try to control him remotely with the aid of a weaponry advanced Invader named Invader Squee (Voiced by Alec Baldwin). Noscreen.png
21A Dib needs Help Dib starts to show signs of true Insanity due to everyone calling him crazy. Ian, amused by it agrees to help Dib become calmer. Knowing the extent of how cruel the kids at Skool are, Ian creates a cyborg made of tin cans named Zorgon (Voiced by Billy West) to harm the Skool Children. Noscreen.png
21B ' Noscreen.png
22A ' Noscreen.png
22B ' Noscreen.png
23A Invader Hendriz An Invader named Invader Hendriz (Voiced by Wally Wingert) comes to Earth to hide after invading a planet for he has suspicions that one member of its race may be looking for him. Hendriz eventually gets kidnapped and Ian tries to save him. Noscreen.png
23B ' Noscreen.png
24 ' Noscreen.png
25 Invader Dennis Strikes Back An Invader named Dennis comes to Earth to strike revenge on Zim. He explained that he was the Smeet that Zim shoved up the Schute in the cancelled Invader Zim episode The Trial. Dennis had become horribly deformed and now has a robot Arm. He gangs up with Tak and General Mek to destroy Zim. Zim defeats him and forces him to go back to Irk, however Dennis stays on Earth despite Zim's threats. Noscreen.png
26 Dan Vaul hires a Zardonian mercanary named Dan (voiced by Billy West) to attack Ian but disguises his mission as a help mission. Noscreen.png
27A GIR's Slave Dib sneaks into Zim's house and Zim makes it very clear to Dib before this that if he ever catches Dib in his house again he will lock him in the "closet of doom" (which is just a closet) Gir catches Dib and Dib begs Gir not to tell Zim. Gir makes Dib his slave and Dib must do whatever Gir says or Gir will tell Zim. Noscreen.png
27B Service Drone Jeff Escapes A Service Drone named Jeff (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) escapes from captivity of the Tallests and comes to Earth. He takes up refuge in Dennis' base much to the distain of Dennis. Noscreen.png
28 Class Fools Ian calls upon the aid of his friend Tyler (Voiced by Tyler Robertson) to assist in his mission to kill Zim. Tyler drafts a plan to destroy Zim and all of the human race using a large machine that would cause the Earth to be driven straight into the Meteor Belt. Noscreen.png

Season 2[edit]

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
29A The Nega-Universe Ian and Zim stumble upon an opposite universe in which there are several beings representing the opposite side of the Characters Noscreen.png
29B The Condor League An Old Enemy of Ian from a Planet which he sucesfully Invaded named Burke (Voiced by Gary Chalk) along with his two minions Zip (Voiced by Ian James Corlett) and Henford (Voiced by Scott McNeil) comes to Earth for revenge on Ian. But can he suceed. Noscreen.png
30 Grizdar: Stan's Dilema The concept of Grizdar is introduced in this episode. Stan's fitness-obsessed girlfriend Celina (Voiced by Nicole Sullivan) from his homeworld of Zardon comes to earth for a visit. However, her hobby soon becomes irritating to both Stan and Dr. Zeeltor who soon have half a mind to tell Celina to leave. They change their minds however when Celina saves them from an army of Lord Garvon's robot soldiers. GrizdarEp10s2.png
31 Ian: the Doomed On the first day of skool, Zak comes disguised as a new student, as another attempt at hunting down Ian. He guises himself as "Zach" (despite there being no difference in pronunciation) and pretends wanting to be Ian's friend! IanBattered.PNG
32A Zootch Ian makes a Cloning Tube so he can clone his creations into numbers of thousands so he can destroy the human race. Ian decides to test it first, and tries to make more friends at Skool so he can test his invention. Ian decides to befriend Zootch (due to the like of his hair.) After doing many friendish things with Zootch, Ian sack-naps him and takes him to his lab and Clones over a hundred Zootch's. However, they soon take over Ian and Zim's Base Noscreen.png
32B Bully Ian is Bullied by a Boy named Cody (voiced by Billy West). Fed Up with it Ian and Tyler gang up with 2 Boys named John (Voiced by Eliza Schneider) and Caleb (Voiced by Ian McCormick) to abduct Cody and stop his bullying. Noscreen.png
33 Turkey of Terror Lord Garvon disguises himself as a human , opens up a fake market, and begins selling thanksgiving turkeys that turn into monsters. Originally a Grizdar episode, it was replaced. Noscreen.png
34A Tak Attack Tak hires an old friend of hers named Azure (voiced by Antoinette Spolar) to assist here in her mission in killing Zim. Noscreen.png
34B Traffic Jammed Lord Garvon sends a robot made up of wrecked cars called Traffic Jammer (Voiced by Ted Lewis) to destroy Stan by taking control of his car. This Episode Revolves around morally The Characters from Grizdar than the normal Characters however this episode was supposed to be on Grizdar but was replaced with Stan's Dilema which had aired but was later replaced with Night of Doom. Noscreen.png
35A The Almighty Shortest Zim creates a machine so he can shrink the humans and squish them. Zim contacts the tallest before shrinking the humans and gir shoots the machine and it hits the sattelite and it goes into space into the tallest's ship and shrinks them. Noscreen.png
35B Dib is an Alien Zim frightens the Students at Skool by convincing them that Dib is the true alien by giving him an aluminum hat Noscreen.png
36A Zalvoor's Twisted Cave Dr. Zalvoor sends a shape-shifting robot named Shifty (Voiced by Frank Welker), disguised as a monster hunter to trick Stan and Dr. Zeeltor into going into Dr. Zalvoor's custom-designed "torture" cave. Once in the cave, the duo are surrounded by Dr. Zalvoor's robotic soldiers for extermination. It is up to Stan (with his newly up-graded battle suit) to save himself and Dr. Zeeltor from Dr. Zalvoor's evil clutches. Once Again This Episode Revolves around morally The Characters from Grizdar than the normal Characters since this episode was replaced by Weed's of Doom. Noscreen.png
36B End of all that is Evil Dib creates a machine that can end all evil on earth. Its a beam of some sort and another planet with evil aliens see it and go to earth to try to take it over. Dib must team up with Zim to try to battle the enemy planet, even though , Zim is no longer evil. Noscreen.png
37 The Legend of Mr. Sludgy It is X-mas time again 2 million years in the future and Mr. Sludgy tells the story of his creation. It shows Zim, GIR, Ian, Skoodge, Bilinar and Minimoose needing monies. In order to gain power Ian uses Spare Robot Parts to create a Robotic Snowman to fend Carolers off their Doorstep. Ian accidently shoots down Santa (voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray) at night. Ian then gets a plan to destroy all humanity using the Sled and putting Bombs in presents (one blows up and destroys someones home and later someone comes out of their home and jumps happily the bomb then falls on him after that he says "Thanks Santa". During this time Mr. Sludgy (voiced by Fred Tatascoire) goes Haywire and destroys most of the City and later tries to destroy Ian when he reaches the Sleigh. Despite Ian's attempts to destroy everyone Santa comes and tosses Mr. Sludgy off the Sleigh. Ian then jumps off the Sleigh only to get pummeled by Reindeer. At the Base Ian goes back to the Lab and gets a Wheelchair and Robot attatchments for his broken bones. Later it shows Mr. Sludgy being chocked out of ice 2 million years in the future. Noscreen.png
38A Necronomiconned Lard Nar is kidnapped by a mysterious cloaked figure (Voiced by Eric Roberts) going by the name of Zolgar who uses a copy of the Necronomicon to turn Lard Nar into a monster. Once again another planned Grizdar planned episode but was replaced with Power Trip pt 2. Noscreen.png
38A Brain Spinning Group Sizz-Lorr and Tak both find out that they have a common goal to destroy Zim so they team up to destroy Zim. My Antanea are Longer.jpg
40 Skool Dance of Doom Ian and Bilinar try to hypnotize the children at a Skool Dance with something to drive them insane but Dib tries to stop it IanTHRE.PNG
41A Modusoperandi An Evil Alien named Modusoperandi (Voiced by Tim Curry) blocks Ian from Irken Facilities for a week however Ian tries to overide this by disguising himself as another Irken. Noscreen.png
41B Sick Ian is kidnapped by Zak who injects him with a strange syrum and sends him back to die. Alyx, Tak and Tyler try to find a cure held by an Alien named Breen (voiced by Keith Scott). Noscreen.png
42 Hack to the Future pt 1 A cyborg named Time Lord (Voiced by Hank Azaria) with the ability to time travel arrives on earth and uses Dr. Zeeltor's labtop to open a portal to the past to make it so he rules the world in the present. Stan and Dr. Zeeltor persue Time Lord through the time portal, but end up in the year 4090. Another Grizdar episode however was replaced by The Shadow Strikes pt 1 Noscreen.png
43 Hack to the Future pt 2 Stan and Dr. Zeeltor must manuver through the huge, futuristic city to find a time portal to whatever past Time Lord escaped to. Another Grizdar episode however was replaced by The Shadow Strikes pt 2 Noscreen.png
44 Hack to the Future pt 3 While searching for a time portal and avoiding the alt. future Time Lord's police force, Stan and Dr. Zeeltor run into their future selves, whome by now are senior citizens. Another Grizdar episode however was replaced by Warrior Without a Face and The Wrath of Dr. Zalvoor Noscreen.png
45 Hack to the Future pt 4 Stan's and Dr. Zeeltor's future selves help the duo find the time portal to the past to undo Time Lord's damage to the Space-Time Continuam. Another Grizdar episode however was replaced by Warrior Without a Face and The Wrath of Dr. Zalvoor Noscreen.png
46 Hack to the Future pt 5 After going through the time portal, Dr. Zeeltor and Stan end up in the Cold War erra, inside Time Lord's secret base. There, Stan faces off against Time Lord and destroys him once and for all, thus undoing Time Lord's altercations to the Space-Time Continuam. Another Grizdar episode however was replaced by Tak this is also the Last Grizdar episode to air on Ians Not So Boring Life. Noscreen.png
47 Psuedo Ian Zak hires an Irken to disguise himself as Ian and try to ruin his reputation on both Irk and Earth. When Ian finds out, he takes matters into his own hands and tries ruining this Irken's reputation. Noscreen.png
48A ' Noscreen.png
48B ' Noscreen.png
49 Azure's Doom Ms. Bitters claim's that Azure is some sort of evil young girl that escaped from "The evil girl's hideout camp" and send's Azure to court. Tak tries to save her but end's up being sent to Saturn by Kimp. Azure is sent to "Happy girls camp of fun and niceness". Noscreen.png
50A Robot Rabbits of Doom Zim builds 4 robot rabbits to bring to show and tell but they become evil. Noscreen.png
50B Escape from The Planet of Enternal Suffering Invader Skellnek (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) escapes from The Planet of Enternal Suffering where The Tallests were going to send Invader Tenn. He goes to Planet Burnon were Irken Criminal Mastermind Vaul plots his evil Plans on Ian and has Skellnek help him if he wishes to stay. Noscreen.png
51A The Doom Method Tak has two Invaders called Meg (Voiced by Eliza Schneider) and Pez (Voiced by Hynden Walch) to be rid off Zim however Taks method is tired when Ian has a security System put in and Meg and Pez struggle to get in. Noscreen.png
51B ' Noscreen.png
52A Invader Goosh The Tallests send another invader called Invader Goosh (Voiced by Todd Hansen) to earth as assistance to Ian's mission in killing Zim. Noscreen.png
52B ' Noscreen.png
53A Poonchy-Rama After Zim orders Vortian engineering supplies, he is able to make a virtual realty World transporter portal. Zim needs a Test Subject, and tries to get Ian to do it. Ian, however, is more than smart enough to know not to try one of Zim's inventions. Zim tries to kidnap Dib to test it, but fails. The next day at Skool, Poonchy starts to make fun of Zim, and Zim captures him as a test subject. Zim places Poonchy in the portal, and he is able to make his own virtual world, which he dubs "POONCHY-RAMA". It works TOO well though, and Zim, Ian, Gir, Bilinar, and Mini-Moose are sucked into Poonchy's world. Can they survive all the dangerous (Videogame related) hazards, or will they die horribly before they escape? Noscreen.png
53B ' Noscreen.png
54A ' Noscreen.png
54B ' Noscreen.png
55A Shlug An Evil Zentradi-like Alien named Harlem (Voiced by Long John Baldry) with an a tiny Side kick named Zirodech (Voiced by Frank Welker) comes to Earth in hopes of finding an Alien whom they mistake Ian as! Noscreen.png
55B Field Trip of Doom Its time for a field trip at the "skool" and zim brings along his hynoptizer beam. The field trip is set for the zoo and when they arrive zim hypnotizes the animals to escape from the cages and eat the humans. Dib tries to tell everyone but of course nobody believes Dib. Noscreen.png
56 ' Noscreen.png

Season 3[edit]

Number Name Synopsis Screenshot
57 ' Noscreen.png
58A ' Noscreen.png
58B Eggs Ian lays eggs constantley due to being attacked by a Xenamorph. The Skool Kids believe it to be some odd talent. Noscreen.png
59A MeagaDooming Ian Ian gets a Megadoomer sent to him and decides to redesign this ship in his own style. Ian eventually starts to use it to destroy most of New York however it eventually explodes when he tries to use the Canon Sweep to Destroy The Whole City. Noscreen.png
59B ' Noscreen.png
60 Robots in Crime Ian uses a Machine to Make GIR a Human and does The Same to Taks SIR MiMi. When they go to Skool however they eventually take it over and MiMi gets a Voice (Voiced by Tara Strong) and GIR becomes smart and gets a Denomic voice (Voiced by Phil LaMarr). Noscreen.png
61A ' Noscreen.png
61B Doppelganger Doom Ian Figures out to use a device that he got from a Drifter (Voiced by Eric Trueheart) on Planet Signul 4 apparently it creates a Doppelgonger which Ian creates Several of in order to be rid of all Humans. Noscreen.png
62A Adults with Childish Behavior Tak uses a New Adult Disguise which is a Version of her child Disguise with Robot legs. Ian and Zim try to blow her cover by creating human Adult disguises though Ian uses the Robo-Suit. Noscreen.png
62B ' Noscreen.png
63 Earthling Vaul Vaul escapes to Earth in hopes of Destroying Ian. He disguises as a New Student at Skool named Rodney in order for Ian not to suspect anything. Noscreen.png
64A Theres a New Vampire in Town A New Student called Gilbert (Voiced by Charlie Adler) reffered to as Gil for short comes to Skool. He reveals hes a Vampire thats been alive since the 1930's to everyone and threatens to suck all there Blood. Noscreen.png
64B ' Noscreen.png
65A The Triple T's Earth is visited by 3 Whorish looking Irkens named Tina (Voiced by Mila Kunis), Tiera (Voiced by Melissa Fahn) and Tiff (Voiced by April Stewart) calling themselves The Triple T's in an attempt to Destroy The Entire Population to show The Tallests they're worthy of Being invader's. INSBLepno197.jpg
65B ' Noscreen.png
66A ' Noscreen.png
66B Defectives Return The Defectives Return for Ian under Vauls Command. Ian calls a Special Agent named Special Agent Kirm (Voiced by Kurtwood Smith) to stop Vaul. Noscreen.png
67A Ian's new Best Friend Ian in an attempt to look Normal befriends a Sqealy Child named Todd (Squee) and tends to scare Squee continously. Eventually Squee is entirely Traumatized and sent back to the Insane Asylum. INSBLepno174.jpg
67B Zimita Zim sick of the torment he endores from the Kids at Skool Zim now Disguises himself as a Girl named Zimita. Everyone but Dib, Ian and Tak falls for it. INSBLepno67.jpg
68 The Impending Insanity The Souls of Three Dead Irkens (Voiced by Unknown Hinson, Dana Snyder and Dee Bradley Baker) take over Ian, Zim and Tyler's bodies. Alyx and Tak team up to get the souls out of Ian and Tylers bodies and Tyler tries to Zim. Ian however dies in a propane explosion caused by crashing into them. Noscreen.png
69A ' Noscreen.png
69B ' Noscreen.png
70A ' Noscreen.png
70B ' Noscreen.png
71 Flee from da Government A Crossover with the show Squidbillies. Ian is on the run from the Government when he tries to shatter Earths society by trying to ruin its Airline companies with the "Jet-O-Matic. He along with Zim run off to Georgia where they witness talking Squids, Fat Strippers and Dan Halen's Organ Auction. Dan Halens Organ Auction.png
72A Dib Joins the Group Dib in an attempt to gain Zim and Ians trust so he can destroy them joins them in trying to destroy the Earth. Zim falls for it but Ian dosent and calls an Irken Detective (Voiced by Wayne Knight). Noscreen.png
72B Bestest Friends of Doom When being sentenced to Detention due to a fued Zim and Tak had, Ian notices Keef is back. Ian however knows nothing of Keef or the past adventures he had with Zim. Keef was upset over how Zim and Tak were fighting. Keef as a result tells the whole Skool that they are sweethearts, thus Zim, Tak and Ian team up to stop Keef once and for all. Keef is finally killed in the end! Noscreen.png
73A An Unlikely Duo Dib figures out that Ian's goal is not to destroy Earth but rather kill Zim. So Dib makes a deal with Ian, if he killed Zim that Dib could expose the body to the Swollen Eyeball. Noscreen.png
73B ' Noscreen.png
74A ' Noscreen.png
74B ' Noscreen.png
75A Starlight Dib finds a stray dog named Starlight, however Dib soon finds out that this Dog was human and originally shifted by Tyler 7 years earlier. Noscreen.png
76A Cockroach people The Former Queen of the Coakroache people named Daisy (Voiced by Pamela Hayden) comes to the surface of Earth along with a Servant named James (Voiced by Fred Willard). She takes over Earth almost Immediatly. Ian sees this as a threat to is own mission and tries to kill her. Noscreen.png
76B Veggie Stales Lord Garvon purchases 2 monsters from "Thugs 'R' Us" that turn out to vegetables. One is a tomato named Dob (Voiced by Jon Stewart) and the other a cucumber named Gary (Voiced by Rob Paulson). According to the "Thus 'R' Us" sales robot, the 2 are very powerful and capable of bringing a civilization to it's doom with religious propoganda. Dr. Zalvoor then dispatches Dob and Gary to attack Stan. This is the First and Only Grizdar episode to Air for Season 3. Noscreen.png
77A Friendship Ian is sick of Zim and Tak's Non-Stop fighting as to which Ian makes Zim try to settle the Differences between the two. Zim tries to make Tak his Friend though all attempts fail with him being Beaten. INSBLepno87.png
77B ' Noscreen.png
78A ' Noscreen.png
78B ' Noscreen.png
79A ' Noscreen.png
79B ' Noscreen.png
80 Vaul is Captured Ian informs the Tallests of the threat that Vaul proves on his mission, so the Tallests send an armend Invader named Harland (voiced by Angus Oblong) to capture him however Vaul kidnaps Tyler and puts him under his control to destroy Harland. Noscreen.png
81A Chicken and a Bear Dr. Miui uses nonsensical commercials to fool humans into his claws. Ian, Tyler, Dennis and Tak try and stop his insane rampage though Ian is abducted by his hired goons, now the others try to stop him from killing Ian. Noscreen.png
81B Madness Tak comes across a drifter going by the name of P.T. Boomer (Voiced by Doug Lennox) who agrees to help her kill Zim in exchange for help defeating his own enemy. Noscreen.png
82A Horrible Heat of Doom! A Horrible Heatwave hits New York and it even has an Effect on Ian, Zim, Skoodge and Tak to which Dib notices. He also sees that any aluminum foil with Light Shinning on it puts them in a Trance. Noscreen.png
82B ' Noscreen.png
83A ' Noscreen.png
83B ' Noscreen.png
84 Jillatos of Doom Invader Skunch (Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) asks for assistance from Invader Dennis as he suspects that several robot creations named the "Jillatos" lead by an Insane rogue Irken named Arian (Voiced by Jeff Bennett) are leading an invasion against Irk. IrkSir.png
85 The Dumb Ones Ian and Zim's Base is finally destroyed by Tak. So they take refuge in Tyler's and Alyx's Apartment. This episode is a complete parody of The Young Ones with an opening homage to the Young Ones. Noscreen.png
86 ' Noscreen.png
87 ' Noscreen.png
88A ' Noscreen.png
88B Origins of Doom After being sent to Detention because of repeatitly calling Zim and Ian aliens , Dib starts to wonder why his life is so horrible, he asks Proff. Membrane why, and he nervously changes the subject, Dib asks Gaz why their dad was behaving so ood, and she too, changes the subject. Dib, not getting any answers, goes on a quest to find out why his life stinks so much, only to discover that he is a clone of his father! Noscreen.png
89 ' Noscreen.png
90 Ian Goes Insane Ian starts to show signs of Insanity due to having been with Zim on Earth for a Long Time which it made him even more unstable with his Sanity. Ian goes insane after being insulted by Chunk at Skool. Ian is taken back to Irk by 5 Irken Generals Including General Mek, General Viron and Sizz Lorr and Skoodge is discovered by them and taken back to Hobo 13. Noscreen.png