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Bonzodog was born sometime in the mid 1970's as the result of a mix up between a clown and a sheepdog. Shortly after his amazing birth, some wandering minstrels stumbled across him and formed the Bonzodog DooDah Band. They went on to tour for many years, until one day Bonzodog stumbled across a computer, and consequently into uncyclopedia, where his long suffering, unfortunate wife bound his hands to a keyboard and bade him type archaic articles into the wiki.

He lives in the virtual world, and oftens crowds around his IRC client for warmth. He can be found most days, in Uncyclopedias IRC channel as well as a few others in geekland.

A pleading for attention[edit]

Somebody talk about me...I like to see things in there, cause i'm sadistic like that.

Useful things I apparantley contributed[edit]

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