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You are asked to judge two things in this competition before Feb 10, 2007. First, I would ask that you provide me with the top five articles, ranked in order. Second, I would ask you to judge which articles in your category are worthy of being moved into the mainspace (ie: is worthy of being an Uncyclopedia article).

You may use any criteria for judging that you deem appropriate. If you want some idea of what to judge on, I judged based on article quality (including minor things such as grammar and formatting) and humor/satire content (remember that satire does not unnecessarily have to be funny to be well done), but, to be honest, you were chosen to judge for this competition because I have a great deal of faith in your judgement of what is worthy and what isn't, based on your track record at VFH and VFP. So try to have fun with it. You're going to be reading a lot of articles between Jan 28 and Feb 10, so schedule yourself some breaks and have a system that works for you.

I have put together this page as a beta of the announcement, which I will post in the main space Jan. 1. If there's something obvious I missed or something less obvious that those of you who were involved in previous PLS's know I need to fix, let me know. I'm not judging so I can solve any unseen issues that arise without having to read dozens of articles, too.

Thank you again for judging!  :) I'm really excited about the ultra-qualified set of judges I've gotten for this.

--<<>> 21:45, 17 December 2006 (UTC)

When winners are announced, they should contact Sannse @ mailto:[email protected] to give their address and receive the prize money. (It is not recommended you do this before the winners are announced officially, as judges have the option to change their minds up to the moment the announcement is official, and then you'll have to not only pay back the money to the "real" winner, you'll have to pay interest, too...)--<<>> 13:14, 1 February 2007 (UTC)


Best Article[edit]


Grand Prize of $25 and a shiny Poet Lowrate template for your userpage: User:ENeGMA/Honesty

1st runner up: User:Electrified_mocha_chinchilla/HowTo:Write_A_Thesis_Statement

2nd runner up: User:One-eyed_Jack/Mr._Beluncle

Honorable Mentions: User:Rcmurphy/Grand Theft Audio, User:Hindleyite/HowTo:Bluff Your Way to Political Power, User:Jamtrousers/Teenage_Angst, User:15Mickey20/Martina_Hingis, User:Shandon/Nuremberg_Rally, User:Composure1/Benson's 4-D House Of Pancakes, User:§ǚρωξλ£μĦΦφ≈€ƏξßÐÆØΞ/History Alive!, User:Prettiestpretty/H.R. Pufnstuf, User:Braydie/Scissor


Very interesting results. I noticed that my 2-4 were exactly the same as Hardwick's, but then his #1 didn't even make my cutdown to the final 11. Cap'n Ben's #1 was my #11. I would certainly vote for most of these articles on VFH and would make all but two mainspace pages. Just goes to show you how our community continues to improve but diversify. Also, people might burn me about Benson at #5, but I thought it was funny even without the in-joke!

  1. User:Hindleyite/HowTo:Bluff Your Way to Political Power
  2. User:ENeGMA/Honesty
  3. User:Rcmurphy/Grand Theft Audio
  4. User:Electrified_mocha_chinchilla/HowTo:Write_A_Thesis_Statement
  5. User:Composure1/Benson's 4-D House Of Pancakes

Hardwick Fundlebuggy[edit]

A lot of good stuff this time around. I went, as usual, for anything that pushed the envelope in a direction I had not seen before or even imagined possible for an envelope.

  1. User:One-eyed_Jack/Mr._Beluncle
  2. User:ENeGMA/Honesty
  3. User:Rcmurphy/Grand Theft Audio
  4. User:Electrified_mocha_chinchilla/HowTo:Write_A_Thesis_Statement
  5. User:Shandon/Nuremberg_Rally

Cap'n Ben[edit]

I had a very hard time choosing. The vast bulk of these articles are very good, there are about a dozen there that are easily VFH worthy. Well done everyone who entered, with one or two exceptions. You know who you are.

  1. User:Jamtrousers/Teenage_Angst
  2. User:Electrified_mocha_chinchilla/HowTo:Write_A_Thesis_Statement
  3. User:15Mickey20/Martina_Hingis
  4. User:One-eyed_Jack/Mr._Beluncle
  5. User:Shandon/Nuremberg_Rally

Best Article by a N00b[edit]


Grand Prize of $25 and a shiny Poet Lowrate template for your userpage: User:Jedravent/Mental_illness

1st runner up: User:Smrt-guy/Yoko_Ono

2nd runner up: User:Kelpan/Soul_market

Honorable Mentions: User:Strange_but_untrue/Httpism, User:Auvrey/Honey, User:Gneomi/Goal_celebration, User:Atomic_Disturbance/Bradaway, User:Dennis Dunjinman/Paradise Valley Chemical, User:Knux/Bubs Concession Stand, User:Steven Hate/Milka

Todd Lyons[edit]

I thought that the quality of writing of my top two picks was head and shoulders above all competition, and demonstrated unique and humourous explorations of their topics, and narrative journeys I could never have guessed before reading. While I enjoyed the other entries, they were less surprising to me. I gave the edge to Kelpan for the LOL-factor, though conceptually I found Strange but untrue's entry to be a very enjoyable read. What will they think of next?  :)

  1. User:Kelpan/Soul_market
  2. User:Strange_but_untrue/Httpism
  3. User:Jedravent/Mental_illness
  4. User:Smrt-guy/Yoko_Ono
  5. User:Gneomi/Goal_celebration

--Sir Todd GUN WotM MI UotM NotM MDA VFH AotM Bur. AlBur. CM NS PC (talk) 16:34, 6 February 2007 (UTC)


Well, I felt the weight of responsibility here, being a former Noob and a guy who won this thang last summer. Everything I picked here is worthy of main space consideration and attention, and I hope all these writers stick around for a long time.--Procopius 03:42, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

  1. User:Jedravent/Mental illness
  2. User:Gneomi/Goal celebration
  3. User:Atomic Disturbance/Bradaway
  4. User:Auvrey/Honey
  5. User:Smrt-guy/Yoko Ono


My method of judging was simple. The first three gave me a good and proper laugh. Httpism was clever and Mental illness was vaguely funny. The articles which referred to half-forgotten children's things from the nineties (Mr Bucket and Alex Mack) weren't clear what they were about, could have been funny otherwise.

  1. User:Smrt-guy/Yoko Ono
  2. User:Auvrey/Honey
  3. User:Kelpan/Soul market
  4. User:Strange but untrue/Httpism
  5. User:Jedravent/Mental illness

--Nydas 10:34, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

Best Pictures[edit]


Grand Prize of $25 and a shiny Poet Lowrate template for your userpage: User:§ǚρωξλ£μĦΦφ≈€ƏξßÐÆØΞ/The Tale of Captain Petey Widdershanks Blunderbub Shaleweather Monkeyturtle Johansen III, Buccaneer Extraordinaire

1st runner up: User:Mhaille/Artificial Pseudoscientology

2nd runner up: User:DiZ/Demetri Martin

Honorable Mentions: User:Composure1/Franz Ferdinand, User:Gneomi/Weather forecasting, User:Anyone/The_Worst_Illustrated_Article_Ever, User:Witt E,/Flamethrower, User:Braydie/Moses, User:Zombiebaron/wip/The_Best_Illustrated_Article_Ever


  1. User:§ǚρωξλ£μĦΦφ≈€ƏξßÐÆØΞ/The Tale of Captain Petey Widdershanks Blunderbub Shaleweather Monkeyturtle Johansen III, Buccaneer Extraordinaire
  2. User:Mhaille/Artificial Pseudoscientology
  3. User:DiZ/Demetri Martin
  4. User:Gneomi/Weather forecasting
  5. User:Witt E,/Flamethrower
  • Honorable Mentions:

-Simon Cowell: Most of these articles were total rubbish, and the pictures were simply atrocious. If this is the future of American Idol, we might as well pack our bags and head to Canada. </Simon>

Actually, these 5 were pretty good. I think we have a winner in Captain Petey, though, as an article it's not fantastic. The images and how they are used are the best, and any one of them is good enough for Honorable Mention. I'm leaning toward Mhaille's for the designation of HM. R 13:46, 29 January 2007 (UTC)


  1. The Tale of Captain Petey...
  2. Franz Ferdinand
  3. Artificial Pseudoscientology
  4. Demetri Martin
  5. Moses
  • Honorable Mentions:

Everybody else...and get someone to check your page before they get locked; grammatical problems are grammar.


  1. squiggles's one
  2. Artificial Pseudoscientology
  3. Demitri Martin
  4. The Worst Illustrated Article Ever
  5. The Best Illustrated Article Ever

Pseudo-Honorable Mentions (they need a once over for formatting or grammar): Flamethrower, Franz Ferdinand, Moses

Best Rewrite[edit]


Grand Prize of $25 and a shiny Poet Lowrate template for your userpage: User:Famine/Education

1st runner up: User:ENeGMA/Civil_War

2nd runner up: User:Hindleyite/Idea

Honorable Mentions: User:Electrified mocha chinchilla/Brazilian-Amazon Rainforest, User:02barryc/Lamp, User:Jack mort/dyslexia, User:Prettiestpretty/Queen Victoria, User:Braydie/Supreme Dictator of the World, User:Anyone/Is_a_1982_Mitsubishi_Colt_better_than_a_Bugatti_Veyron?

David Gerard[edit]

This judge was eaten by a grue.

Replacement judge: Bradaphraser[edit]

  1. User:Famine/Education
  2. User:Hindleyite/Idea
  3. User:02barryc/Lamp
  4. User:Electrified mocha chinchilla/Brazilian-Amazon Rainforest
  5. User:ENeGMA/Civil_War

Honorable Mentions: User:Prettiestpretty/Queen Victoria, User:Braydie/Supreme Dictator of the World


  1. Edumacation
  2. Brazilian-Amazon Rainforest
  3. Civil War
  4. Dyslexia
  5. Idea


  1. Civil War
  2. Education
  3. Idea
  4. Brazilian-Amazon Rainforest
  5. Queen Victoria
  • Honorable Mentions: All of the rewrites are at least better than the originals, but I would suggest that the two versions of the Mitsubishi Colt/Bugatti Veyron article (original, rewrite) be combined in some way, because they both have funny bits that don't conflict with each other. —rc (t) 07:21, 29 January 2007 (UTC)