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This girl at my school is a Fundagelical Christian or something like that. She always wears these shirts that say "God will save you" which I know is bullshit, because that God dude didn't do shit to save me from getting caught by the cops for putting that Hamster in the microwave at the gas station down the street. Hey, the sign said "Free for use", it's not my fault they didn't specify the use. And anyway, I don't see the need for handcuffs. It's not like it was my hamster in the first place.

But I'm wandering from my main point, which is that Fundagelical Christianity is very confusing.

So get this: There's this God dude, up in heaven, just sitting around watching us for the hell of it. I think Fundagelicals think he made us, which is of course absurd: everyone knows you are born because your parents had sex and then, as a gift for getting it on, a stork gives them a baby. I learned that in science class, and the science teacher wouldn't lie to me. Except for the time he told me I had 'potential' and that I just didn't 'apply myself'. Listen. We both know I don't have any potential, unless it's the potential to kick loads of ass, and I don't think that's what he meant.

So anyway, these Fundagelical dudes have this beef with science. Apparently science ruined their shit a few years ago, and now they have it for the big S (which means science, not Superman, by the way). (more...)

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Googlewhacking is a one handed technique of utilising a search engine to find porn. Although originally restricted to using Google, the term "Googlewhacking" has become a neologism, and is still used even if the practitioner is using Yahoo or another search engine.

The term "Googlewhack" first appeared at the turning of the 21st Century in a flurry of fantastic superlativeism. Despite an inherent unprosperous antiestablishmentarianism the craze began to prosper, and soon had a number of frumious adherents.

These ambidextrous scallywags can often be found interpositioning nudes within polaroid genderlects. Oftime diphallic wankers are refered to as "Googlewhackers" or just "Whackers" or similar. Traditional Googlewhackers prefer to use the Google Images search, though a small but vocal group have migrated to using GooglePorn, the Google Service developed as "the most comprehensive porn search on the web". (more...)

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