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After an unsuccessful bombing attempt, We're back to bomb North Korea. Now on Season 1.5

Tomorrow's Pioneers is a show that deals on terrorism. This show is specially aimed on Palestine's terrorists of tomorrow-of course, Saraa Barhoum, your evil daughter(who loves drugs also and even gay bars! Take that Britney Spears!). This is Al Jazeera's first TV program for children, and the 100th terrorism related show. This show has received over 9000 thumbs up from different Cable Stations in Palestine.


In 1999, Al Jazeera was bored and decided to make better shows for children because their first attempt was gay, that is, according to them. Young Bin Laden went to Al Jazeera and hatched an idea of a show about a knock-off Mickey Mouse and an Arabian hentai-lover chick. Season 1 finally went air on 2002, but was later canceled after 5 episodes combined with low ratings and bad graphics and the moral values really don't have terrorism but Fear Factor concepts. After 3 years, Season 1.5 went air this time with a new director and ideas, this time more excitement, more terrorism and more Fear Factor! The season had received high ratings and the show went on and on, more plots were added in every episode containing problems about Myspace and Facebook and other guest appearances making it a resource for tomorrows pioneers in terrorism.


Saraa Barhoum

Saraa Barhoum is an 11-year old girl in a hijab who hosts Tomorrow's Pioneers. She was made host after bombing her neighbor's and her own house. She is also a Secret-society strip dancer. She was reported to be gay lesbian stupid because she can't speak a single word of English which forced the director to make her work for an American Hotel in Middle East, she went back to the studio and was finally accepted. She has a dead father who was reported to be mummified in Egypt near Cleopatra's house. Of course she had sex with Jack Dawson also which caused Titanic to sink.

Its confirmed that her family is dead. Poor Saraa!

She is also a prostitute just in case you didn't know who she really is

Uncle Sam

Main article:Uncle Sam

"I want you to die"; "I want you to bomb Jerusalem"; "I wan't you to die in Iraq"; "I want you to have sex with Hitler"; "I want it all!!!"


He is the fake Mickey Mouse, he had sex with Saraa like a million of times already, ask Uncle Sam and he will be happy to answer your question.

Farfour is confirmed to be 15, but his drivers license said he was over 18, whichever came first.

Farfour also likes drugs and reckless joyrides. He once went to North Korea and got killed by Kim Jung-Il, but he was lucky to shoot him with an AK-47 while dancing Cha-Cha with someone who is an ewok midget .


101-Saraa and Farfour caught having sex

102-Uncle Sam bombs America behold the 9/11

103*American Version*-Spleak has sex with Mickey Mouse

103-B-Saraa hacks Uncle Sam's Facebook and Myspace accounts in one setting

104-Saraa gets raped

105-Fuck you Israel!!!

106-Fuck you America!!!

107-Fuck you Doctor Rabbit

108-Fucking Rubiks Cube

109*America-Palestine Unite*-Saraa and Spleak having a blowjob

110-Fuck MSN

111-Fuck Mikrosoft

112-Fuck Bill Gates(7th and last fuck episode)

113-Assassinate Imelda Marcos(Canceled due to heavy rains)

114-Assassinate Corazon Aquino(Canceled due to heavy tampons typhoons)

115-Henry Sy and Teresita Sy 4ever!(The only emo episode)

116-Coming Soon!^_^

In show calls[edit]

This is also a segment of Tomorrow's Pioneers, this is a better segment than the main show itself, callers get the chance to have phone sex with Saraa(gay,lesbian and straight). In this segment, you have to show off your talents while Farfour mimics the song. This is one memorable song, this is an entry from Tomorrow's Pioneers America representative Spleak Al Mikrosofta(a.k.a Bill Gate's Bitch):

(exact lyrics in filipino, cebuano and a little english)

Kulang Aba

Sama Sama Yu

Duet Duet See manghuli eh

Rafa Harakeh

O, o, o

O Shawa da heck

Show my hand,Make it bang

make it ahhh

Manlika Myra Forrest

Sukod Sook

Don't come on dood

Sukod Sukod

Anang baduy

Saot Sukod

Wa laina


Wa nakasulod

Wala ini

kanino turalet



Ang Galing


daku naduda

ra tindahan


Lagut Kaayo siya

Sugot Sulot

Ah Terrorista

ug sa

Karun Daku



Sud ka day

Ubani uban

Translated Version(English): Lacking, Oh

I want to come, I want to come Yo!

Duet Duet See terrorist eh!

Rafa Harakeh

O, o, o

O Shawa da Heck!

Show my hand, make it bang

make it ahhhh

Manlika Myra Forrest

Fit In

Don't come on dude

Fit Fit

That Emo

Saot Fit

Not Different


Didn't come in

Fit In

Don't Come on dude

Fit Fit

That Emo

Saot Fit

Not Different


Didn't come in

Not here

who turalet



The Great


big worry

the store


So stupid you

Agree Wear

Ah, Terrorist

and then

now big

abun sa inside bitch

Come with her, cum

This is a link to the popular phone call's video footage caught by nerds [1]


Here are the ratings as it goes

Season 1-FAILED!

Season 1.5-50.06%(F+)

Season 2-Vacant

Differences from Season 1 and the new Season 1.5[edit]

Season 1-Whacked out graphics, too much good values not in the Qu'ran, Fear Factor being a mini-skit, less sex, too much noise, no bombs and terrorism.

Season 1.5-More!!! More excitement, more Fear Factor, more kidnappings, more 9/11, more hentai, more porn, more assassinations, more martial arts, more cum! And more politics and much much more!!!

Bonus: We're back to invade North Korea!!! Never gonna give you up!!! You have been RickRoll'd!