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This page refers to cScott the Uncyclopedian. For other uses, see CScott (discombobulation).

Did you know…
cScott is very easily distra-- ooh, shiny!

Foolitzer Prize Award Foolitzer Prize Winner July 2006

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I have not, in fact, fallen off of the face of the Earth.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • You are more likely to murdered by crazed ninjas than to die laughing at one of cScott's articles.

Objectives and Projects[edit]

My primary objective is to be funny and to have fun... okay, my two primary objectives are to be funny, to have fun, and to be able to contribute something worthwhile... okay, among my many objectives are... well, you get the idea.

Other than creating new articles, my current projects include:

  • Organising UnNews articles into the correct date categories, and making sure they have the proper {{date}} and {{news}} headers.
  • Arranging Anniversary items into chronological order, within each date.
  • Adding images to Anniversary dates that don't have one.