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Army of the SNEEPUR Sign your name on the dotted line to recieve your t-shirt and Morrocan hooker.

  • Rear Admiral Jarvis
  • Lt. KiLi
  • Pvt. Parts
  • Pvt SNAFU
  • Cpl Dubya
  • Cream of sum-youngeye

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Bla Bla Bla[edit]

“In Soviet Russia, for 25, Rado caddies YOU!!”

~ Russian reversal on Cadarado425

“ "I am not your father" ”

~ Darth Vader on Cadarado425

“ "I am not your father" ”

~ Pope Palpatine on Cadarado425

“ "I am not your father" ”

~ Billy Bob Thorton on Cadarado425

“ "Can I be your daddy" ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Cadarado425


Real Name: Cadillac Danger Silverado, (yes that is my middle name)

Real age: I'm not sure. Because I can only count up to 21............ Think about it.

Real Occupation Currently un-occupied

Current Residence Iceland, What? Really Iceland... Stop fuckin laughing!

What kind of car do I drive? My girlfriend's

What would I do with a billion dollars? I'd buy a rocket powered monkey that shoots lasers out his eyes..... two of them..... And make them the death.

Favorite saying "You can't have manslaughter, without laughter"Mwl2.JPG



A collection of things I have stolen, Aquired!! FOUND!!!

And giving pleasure to my mother[edit]


Favorites list[edit]

  1. 0 Leonidas
  2. 1 Kitten Huffing
  3. 2 caffeine
  4. 3 you
  5. 4 insert title here

least favorites[edit]

<insert name here>


<poll> Who do you think is the most kick-assin monster of all time?

Godzilla Paris Hilton Sasafrasquatch Cthulhu Lord ipod, Ruler of the Uber-world The un-huffable kitten </poll>

<poll> Is there too much shit on this page?

Yes, I think there is too much shit No, I think there is too much shit Not sure, theres way too much shit Can't answer, that template with Tyra Banks is killing me </poll>


Yea you rule!