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Water, Dear God, please...

~ Kenneth Twinge, World Rich Sod Biscuit Eating Champion, moments before his death from dehydration

Rich Sod Biscuits.[edit]

The Rich Sod Biscuit was invented by Sir Harling Commuter-Belting of Faffingham-on-the-Wold in the year 0500 sometime in the early evening. Known to be somewhat of a prankster amongst his friends Sir Harling was also the biggest wood trader in all of The People's Republic of West Yorkshire in Englandshire. As such he was stuck with the eternal problem of what to do with his wood shavings.

Thus came about the Rich Sod Gentlemanly Coaster factory.

Unfortunately, due to a downturn in the economy and the ongoing Great Banger Famine these coasters did not sell well. In 0545(pm) Sir Harling had to dump the majority of his stock on the bank of the Thames to avoid bankruptcy and fulfil a contract he had for an art installation. Although Sir Harling had intended his coaster dumping as a jocular piece of environmental rape he was most surprised to find that the local starving peasants were eating the coasters. There seemed to be no complaints apart from the usual "I wish we had something to dunk this in*."

Sir Harling then ran back to his ideas factory and the Rich Sod Biscuit was born. It is unique among biscuits in that it has no pleasant features at all, though it does go very well with Tea.

The Rich Sod Biscuit should not be confused with Mcvitae's Rich Tea Biscuit and life-preserving apparatus.

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