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<Codeine> KipTheDip, would you like your ban revoked?

<Starnestommy> Codeine: that makes it sound like it's a bad thing to remove it

<Codeine> is it not?

<Codeine> Kip appears mentally stable

<Starnestommy> meh

<KipTheDip> I'm fully committed to my ban, but do whatever you want

<Codeine> well

<Codeine> what was it actually for?

<Codeine> I wasn't involved in all that

<KipTheDip> It's just for me to take a break and revitalize

<KipTheDip> See the details at UN:OFFICE

<KipTheDip> I requested it

<Codeine> OK, then tell me

<Codeine> do you feel "reformed"?

<KipTheDip> Yes. I do

<Codeine> I suppose the question more is, "Do you feel like editing again, and doing it sensibly"

<KipTheDip> Yeah

<Codeine> Ok, and one more thing I guess

<Codeine> Do you recognize what was wrong with your behaviour all those times before?

<KipTheDip> I do. I was generally acting crazy and I was acting inappropriately

<KipTheDip> And for that I apoligize

<Codeine> Well, OK. Since your ban was self-requested and I don;t think you have any reason to deceive me, I'll unblock you

<KipTheDip> Thanks