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Stop hand nuvola alternate.svg RIP Cowation
May you Rest In Peace.
Dead sysop.jpg
This Admin has run down the curtain,
and joined the choir invisible.
Please do not disturb.
(Find another Admin to bother.)

CUN CUN CUN CUN CUN CUN OFFICIAL COMMANDER! That means I outrank administrators. Put self-promotion back!

On June 16 2005, Cowation was the featured article, and I was the happiest cow on uncyclopedia! I did write cowation, by the way. And maybe self-promotion Nope, they deleted self-promotion.

But I still have RPG

And, do you believe this, my best article yet, meatloaf, didn't get credited to me like cowation didn't. What a rip off.

The Most Quotable Smackdown of All Time I'm particularly proud of.

My Secret agenda:
      objective                     status
1. Write Featured Article            completed!
2. Become Featured Writer            in progress...
3. Become administrator (mo power)
4. World Domination                  looking a little iffy...

My talk page is Uncyclopedia:Forum