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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for n00b?

“If it wasn't for this idiot, uncyclopedia would be more funny, less quoty.”

~ Oscar Wilde on CrazyJay


~ CrazyJay on the word "Quoty"


~ Oscar Wilde on CrazyJay on the word "Quoty"

“Bong bong zing woot eh bong a ring a ding ding!”

~ Crazy Frog on CrazyJay

“He's dead sexy!”

~ CrazyGay on CrazyJay

“I am now permanently scarred for life.”

~ CrazyJay on the above quote

“I want to have your babies!”

~ CrazyJay's CrazyGirlfriend/lackthereof on CrazyJay

“Alright, THAT'S what I want to hear on my user page!”

~ CrazyJay on The above quote

“CrazyJay is probably the greatest person who ever has, and will live.”

~ Captain Obvious on CrazyJay


~ CrazyJay on The above quote

“In Soviet Russia, CrazyJay could easily get Pwned by YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on CrazyJay

“What...CrazyJay? Never heard of him...”

~ Captain Oblivious on CrazyJay

“I wanna be just like him when I grow up!”

~ CrazyJay on Himself

“BENSON is better then you!”

~ BENSON on CrazyJay

“*Pwns BENSON*”

~ CrazyJay on BENSON
CrazyJay, shooting down an airplane with heat ray vision while in super bluejay form.

CrazyJay is the biggest n00b on uncyclopedia known for being the only person who lived after a 4.5x1056497879403 minute battle ( which is a really long fight, longer then 10 and 20 minutes put together!) against 20 grues, Master chief, Chuck Norris, Hitler,<insert name here>, and emo kid, for control of the legendary Ninja Pirate Island. The emo kid, was not so lucky. Some believe Jay only won because the 20 grues went for the emo kid first, then got confused as to wether or not to listen to Hitler, or Chuck Norris. Plus, Master Chief stuck himself in a freak plasma grenade accident. But it is still unknown how Jay made it past Chuck Norris. In fact, it is a common theory among historians that Chuck Norris and CrazyJay are the same person, though Jay denies this. He says Chuck Norris in an attempt to silence Jay forever roundhouse kicked like he'd never kicked before. Unfortunately, Luckily, he got Hitler in the face instead of Jay which explains what happend to Hitler after WW2. Then Jay took the split second opportunity to jack a sniper rifle from the Chief, and sniped Chuck. We all know of course, that Chuck is invincible, so he did not die, but Jay had already escaped before Chuck recovered. Chuck and Jay had a great laugh about that later, and agreed to play poker every second friday. As for <insert name here>, we all know <insert name here> couldn't have lasted a second against the Jay man. Instead, he ran away, screaming at the top of his lungs like a little school girl.

It is also a fact that Jay is hetrosexual homosexual bisexual unmistakably hetrosexual.

The Cheat, has nothing to do with this article, but CrazyJay acknowloges his infinate awesomeness (awesomeness IS a word, right?

What to do if attacked by CrazyJay[edit]

  • Laugh like you just saw an episode of "The Fresh Prince", because we all know that <insert name here> is incapable of achieving puberty any level of strength. Plus, Will smith is a Silly Nigg-...what?! I'm almost black enough to say that!

NacNud Nentannt 23:54, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Other Achievments[edit]

  • Putting way to many god forsaken quotes on uncyclopedia
  • Not getting eaten by a grue
  • being a n00b
  • Being both Crazy AND Jay (it takes alot of effort, seriously!)
  • Not being emo =)
  • He plays lead everything in every rock band that ever existed (Including that garage band you and your high school buddies play in that you think no one has ever heard of.)
Jay In his human form. Twice as stylish, equally dangerous as his super bluejay form.

Other Interests[edit]

  • Kicking ass Playing well okay sucking Getting owned at Halo
  • sucking at Playing guitar
  • Pie of course
  • Playing with his Wii. The Nintendo one of course.
Mess with Jay, and you could end up like poor Luigi here. Yup, Jay can turn into a spiky red shell and dish out some serious pain.

List of CrazyJay's Enemies[edit]

Here are a couple of people who want to destroy Jay and take over the world:

9/10 dentists believe the size of this list will have tripled by 2009. But what do dentists know about Jay's enemy list anyway? In fact, let's add that 10th dentist to the list!

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