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“Trees are made of wood.”

~ Captain Obvious on Trees

Save the trees[edit]

you may no know it but paper comes from trees, so stop printing out blank peices of paper...

unless you like warm paper Nm 3nb 346x470.jpg

Save Those Darn Trees[edit]

if you dont save trees we will run out of oxygen and DIE!!!!!! mwahaha so save those trees SAVE THEM!!!


if you dont listen a giant tree will fall on your house[edit]

MWAHAHAHAHA your too late your house is ... oh crap that was mine



Tree Hugger[edit]

ha ha ha so you're a tree hugger i hate trees i don't even know why im ...CRASH oh nuts a tree just fell on my car

smashed up car[edit]

some people hate me so they put this sign on to be funny!
This is a copyright protected image and used without permission! The artist may would not mind as long as you at least give them credit for!!! Funny-sign-vancouver-island 13.jpg

trees are your friends[edit]

uh... yeah i "like" trees, AND i've even made some steps for you to folow so you will have a tree free life!

Step 1 toilet time[edit]

uh sorry for the title but this is a serous matter we waste a lot of trees for crap paper and uh.. use this stuff instead Stainless steel toilet paper.jpg

step conclusion[edit]

so now you can't wipe your crap onto paper what are you going to do? Well... you could wipe your ass on a tree.


the end

step conclusion[edit]


Step tree no chainsaws[edit]

if you want to cut something cut off your head!!! to find out how click here

no toothpicks[edit]

use knives or an electric drill

no toothpicks = FUN SAFE TREE


burn those trees!


SAVE TREES EAT A BEAVER 7120445v2 240x240 Front Color-AshGrey.jpg

the history of the tree[edit]

trees have lived longer than you (unless you cut them down to make a house) the sworn enemy of a tree is... t... ... ... THE BEAVER

the dark side[edit]

beavers are evil EVIL!!!!!! they bite holes in your socks and they eat trees but, they have one weakness !!!... a tree falling on them

tree vs beaver[edit]

the tree wins oh yeah that beaver got wasted. Oh yeah you suck you stupid beaver you died you got owned. HAHAHAHA YOU BLOODY STUPID ANIMAL YOU ARE DEAD IN YOUR FACE YOU SUCK!!! go tree 174374.jpg

these beavers will be on the next happy tree friends episode


+ trees can commit suicide by falling onto things or off cliffs.

+ trees can be made into wooden condoms.

+ sometimes you can find things in trees such as money or hobos

+ wooden coffins are made from trees

the video game[edit]

save the trees the video game will be on the next box coming soon...

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