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My favorite band, The Medic Droid.

i am caitlin.

that's all i'll ever be.

i'm not here to please you.

if you don't like me, or call me names,

you're not hurting anyone, but yourself.

you're the one missing out.

i'm pretty impressive.

talk to me, you'll see.

i'm thirteen years young.

sometimes i wish i could see me through your eyes.

i love the medic droid

and hoodies

and daron malakian and my bangs

and music most likely more than you.

i love hugs and kisses and holding hands. ♥

music. is. my. life.

if i could take three things on an island with me besides the necessities

that would be. . .

a computer and

an ipod and

daron malakian. ♥

i tend to say the wrong thing at the right time

and the right thing at the wrong time.

i don't like poseurs.

then again, everyone is a poseur.

i'm one of those people you will never figure out

but, at the same time you can see right through me.

i think love is unexpected and awfully complicated the closet thing we have to magic.

i want someone to hold my hand and cheer me up when i'm upset.

nothing will ever be easy.

i promise i won't ever be like the rest of the world.

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