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The Rules

D3koy, The Man behind the Screen[edit]


This user is too pirate for your internet.

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2 things first:
1st: I intend to stay behind the screen
2nd: poop....
now that that's out of the way....

“Wow, You really are cool!”

~ God on D3koy

“I'm looking for an old 1980's keyboard so when I HOMEROW you all the keys will a splode and go everywhere”

~ Anidnmeno on D3koy

Since Russian Reversals are so cool around here here's one for you:

“In Soviet Russia D3koy is beat up by you!”

~ Russian Reversal on D3koy

For some reason I can't help but feel I messed that up...
Yeah...Cause you are too small and frail to do any real damage here in the US.

Here is a list of Uncyclopedians I know and kind of wish I didn't:

The list goes on...

My Artikles:[edit]

My first 2 articles i did were Orphans and The Kraken.(completly on my own)
I did a half-assed job fixing OMGWTFBBQ and Alt-F4(both were total re-writes)
Best artikle yet: La Chalupacabra(i've done most of it, but plan to work with Xero on it)

Teh n00b that I is:[edit]

How much of a N00b I am at Wiki's:

  • I use Windows XP becasue everything is so idiot proof I can do anything and fix it.
  • I use Microsoft Word for spellcheck.
  • I use Microsoft Paint for Photo Shopping.
  • I am hoping my HTML skills are sufficent to fake knowing Wiki
  • I laugh at any joke with any refrence "poop" or other "fecal matter"....(though I can't think of any Fecal Matter other than "poop")
  • Seemingly, I get kicked from virtually any chat I join by making...lets just say "Not G-Rated" Comments
  • But besides all of that(and yes I know thats a lot to ignore but I think you can) I am actually pretty 1337 at the CS as well as building I'm not COMPLETLY computer illiterate.

--D3koy 21:05, 3 June 2006 (UTC)


D3koy Thinks that man is good enough to be in his Krew
Yarrgh Pirates of the Interweb
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