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are lame

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Writer of the Month Award Writer of the Month June 2008
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This person is the winner of the Poo Lit Surprise, which they won for their article: UnBooks:Life as a 4⅝ Year Old

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Stuff I've Done

MONKEYS!!!! Monkeys rule! Yeah! :D

UnTunes:I Am The Very Model of a Crazy Fundamentalist - Fixed up/worked in unison with Moneke on this article - 20/0 - 18th January
Uncyclopedia Health Service - From VFD to VFH, there's nothing wrong with this article's recovery (clearly it didn't visit itself) - 20/0 - 16th Feb
UnBooks:Life as a 4⅝ Year Old - The filasofical rambings of a 4 yeer owld!!1!11!eleventy1! - 18.5/0 - 25th Feb
UnBooks:Official Informational Guide to the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games - Top 3 of March - The Party Official Guide! Voted to main page in 2 days - 17/0 - 6th Mar
Campaign Leaflet - Top 3 of April - Campaign Leaflet; The Promotional Medium for YOU! (My attempt at political satire) - 15.5/0 - 14th Apr
Pre-Market Economy - Economics with a whiff of... ew - 14/0 - 7th May




Will Fix


GRILLS GONE WILDE!!!!! (So I made this in 3 seconds flat... so?)

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