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World War 4.5
US defending their last stronghold in outside of Mexico city from GLA. Photography shot in 2055.
Conflict: World War 4.5
Date: September 11th, 2052 – present
Place: Global
Outcome: Forced subjugation by emperor Bouncy Rabbit
The Greatest Alliance of New World

United States of Amerika
United States of Alaska
United Spades of America
Great IKEA Kingdom
Republic of New World
North Korea
Society of Sun
Society of McDonald
Society of Wikipedia
Kingdom of New World
Society of NASA
Society of New Metal

The GLA Cells

Gla.gif GLA
DNPRK.jpg North Korea
Yuri's army.png Yuri's army
Borat Flag.JPG Kazakh-Empire
Yuri's army.pngPsiCorps
Yuri's army.pngChaos Force
Gla.gifCobra Cell
Gla.gifScorpion Cell

22px-Flag of United States.pngMalcolm "Ace" Granger
22px-Flag of United States.png "Pinpoint" Townes
Argentinean flag.JPG Mojo the Chairman
Israeli Falafel Flag.svg Muhd da Don
Turkeybayragi.png Attic Crew
FascistChinaFlag.png "Anvil" Shin Fai
FascistChinaFlag.png "Tigris" Leong Leang
Gla.gif Mohmar "Deathstrike"
Borat Flag.JPG Prince Kassad
Yuri's army.png Yuri
Yuri's army.png Boris
Yuri's army.png Bob
220,000,000 340,000,000

2,354,000 killed
100,000 raped
13,000,000 cried

607,000 killed
490,000 suicide bombed and killed
15 cried
2,400 bored (of death)

Ahhh comrade. Its so nice to see you in this intermittent internet service. At the moment, our nation is in unprecedented urgency. So let me tell you about four and a half matters of great importance quick. Perhaps whether our nation survive this drought or not depends on your action, so please listen to this carefully as fuck.

Three "Keys"[edit]

Sadly, your future is indeed opposite with your optimism. More than 925 countries, 1328 cities, 240,000,000 divisions, and 1,248,000,004,000 humanoids have destroyed. Human? Don't tell me. It could collapse this chance to make you take a part of chaste rebellion against New World Order v.IIIV. These are not exaggrated thingies. I've been worked on bloody United Spadian earthasional university in KKKapetown, and they offered their top-secret materials on few spy workers, including me. Ops, before it perplex you, I tell you what it is.

In 2015, there was a huge rebellion broke out in peaceful farmland of Xsymy-Kenth, southern province of Nationalism-Regulated Sovietism Federation of Russiastan. It was the biggest ultranationalist's rebellion which took part from May 2015 to December 2016. Most of beautiful cities and farmlands, including Astana, Tash-Qents, Urghur and Ulaang-Veetle have demolished and a hundred tons of gunpowders, bullets and gore have scattered around. Even some of the citizens have joined their blood-thirsty movement for the only one reason: they needed love.

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