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games consoles here BTW!

I made these templates!

Norsefire britain.jpg.png Mr writer, you seem to have been writing about something that really only applies to the middle classes . Cease to make these gross generalisations at once, as you mislead all and ignore the cultural richness we gain from ethnic people in the working class. Woe betide anyone who tries to impose the Middle class regime upon the working class for we would lose Burberry, Rap Music, Supermarket staff, Chlamydia and countless other cultural diversities. Narrow-mindedness such as this is one of the chief reasons why Ethnic types find it hard to integrate, and why chav teenagers struggle in school and feel rejected by society.
Sarkozy.jpg Sarkozy Loves This Article, the Pint-Sized Hyper-President wishes to let you know that He loves this article, for it aids him in pressure washing the Banlieus of all Racailles, and as such is a true friend of the French nation. Sarko, le petit mec qui manege la gouvernement veut dire qu'il aime bien cet article, parce qu'elle est utile pour detruire les Racailles (Les Arabes en France) par nettoyer la cité au Kärcher

DevilPrada.jpg This article is so in. The devil would like to congratulate the writer of this article, and you, <insert name here>, the reader, for choosing it. This is, undeniably, the article for 2020
To many, this will be a blank rectangle...
But You Found God! And he strongly supports this article.
This article is an article, so is this one
Align the planets!!
FSM This user is a Pastafarian
IQ This user is not a creationist
NERD This user is a physicist
RENT This space for rent.

Call 1-800-666-6666.

pi This user has written pi articles because they like to keep busy while shirking real life responsibilities.

Brain.gif This user's IQ is 142.

British flag.gif This user is a total UKer
and knows how to queue.
(British Uncyclopedians)
NERD This user is not a geek! Geeks do Science fiction for a hobby, nerds do science!
This user is right-handed.

In Latin they would be Dexter.

Counter-Strike retail box This user is an Asian and probably lives at an internet cafe playing Ragnarok24-7.
\m/ This user is a metalhead, prone to wearing offensive shirts and headbanging to really loud music. Metalheads also have long hair, but are not to be confused with hippies.
Mad scientist caricature.png This user is a Mad Scientist.

1337 This user is elite.

Ah, it's funny to see you, <insert name here>, hanging around on my page, rather than off fucking Bob Dylan. I will mistake that lost expression on your face for interest and will tell you about my life at the moment. I feel as though I have been robbed. As soon as I heard of wikipedia I wanted to make a spoof called Wackipedia, but then demons came and stole my thoughts and created this site. It is good though and it is nice to see that Oscar Wilde, my Great great uncle's cousin, was given the credit.

I also edit Wikipedia and Conservapedia (in a satirical manner) under the pseudonym Revilo314, I wonder if they will find out given that I have posted this on here. 1337 is the smallest number for which the reversal of x^1000 is a prime! I love it when people edit stuff I started. It's a great feeling. I wish they did it more often! ~ ~ |DoS|Did|Yak|

Summarisation of me[edit]

I have done:
Conspiracy theory: The Leon Battista Alberti Code
Sociology Teenage sociology (british)
Film review Battle Royale
University application organisation UCAS
Conversation themed article Hey, what's this?
Evil regime The Nanny State
Religious particle God Particle
Another Film Review Faris Badwan's day off
Music style Steampunk

My message to all[edit]

Readers of this article who are fellow UKers must make sure that they revise until they piss blood for their GCSE and A-level exams. Do not take GNVQs. If you are reading this, revise now! UCAS will be the masters of your lives for these three years of your life. You'd better get cracking. TURN THE COMPUTER OFF NOW!

How I fooled <insert name here>[edit]

<insert name here> was easily tricked by my use of the {{USERNAME}} thingy and thought that I had written an actual article specific to <insert name here>'s person. Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

People who have been tricked by this:

see this film!

My Playlist: Count in Fives living is a problem because everything dies Colours Conquest reptile Cryptorchild The guns of brixton - The Clash tiptoe - Goldfrapp Capital G she is the new thing Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo cutt off - Kasabian Blue Orchid They said that hell's not hot march of the pigs nancy boy - Placebo Icky thump Survivalism Astonishing panorama of the endtimes Futurism