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“The 1870's were nothing like that.”

“How much cock could a cocksucker suck if a cocksucker could suck cock.”

~ Al Swearengine

Deadwood is a HBO television series that premiered in March 2004. The series is a Western set in the 1870s in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.


Character Based On Profession in the Deadwood TV Series Weakness
Al Swearengine Al Swearengen Businessman/Owner of Gem Theater Doesn't drink enough fluids
Seething Bullock Seth Bullock Sheriff/Owner of Star & Bullock Hardware. Rageaholic
Alma Garret Unknown/No Basis Widow of claim seeker, later married to prospector Whitney Ellsworth. Drugs, marriage.
Doc Cochran Lyman F. Babcock The physician of the camp. Wanted in another state for 116 killings over a period of 20 years
Cy Tolliver Tom Miller Owner of rival saloon, Bella Union Saloon.
Sol Star Sol Star Co-owner of Star & Bullock Hardware. Religious affiliation
E.B.J.F. Sebastian Farnum E. B. Farnum Innkeeper of The Grand Central Hotel; Mayor. Magnet to hostility
Joanie Stubbs Dora DuFran or Mollie Johnson Former hostess of The Bella Union/Co-proprietoress of brothel, The Chez Amis.
Francis Wolcott L.D. Kellogg Sociopathic geologist who worked for George Hearst. Knives and protitutes in the same room
Calamity Jane Calamity Jane Follower of Wild Bill Hickok/frontierswoman. Alcoholism
A. W. Merrick A. W. Merrick Editor of camp's press, The Deadwood Pioneer. Bueller!
Dan Dority Dan Doherty Henchman to Al Swearengen at the Gem. Part of Al's inner circle. Short temper, effectively a mass murderer
Trixie Tricksie of the Gem Former prostitute at The Gem Saloon. Foul disposition, nicotine
Dull Bill Hickok Wild Bill Hickok Famed gunslinger of the Old West. Gambling
Jewel Unknown/No Basis Disabled cleaning woman at the Gem. Stairs, cinnamon
Mr. Wu Tong leaders Representative for the Chinese population of the camp; owns a pig pen. Size of english vocabulary
Sofia Metz No Basis Adopted daughter of Alma Garret; sole survivor of an attack on her family. Secretly a stowaway who pretended to be Norwegian.
Jack McCall Jack McCall Unemployed, classless camp member, enemy of Wild Bill Hickok. Lack of a getaway plan
Hostetler Unknown/No Basis Literate black livery owner. Extremely low tolerance to interpersonal difficulties.
Samuel Fields Samuel Fields Self-proclaimed Union Army General (the Nigger General); keeper of horses. Not a big enough role to relaunch Franklin Ajaye's career.
Steve Fields Unknown/No Basis One of numerous camp drunks. Takes over livery stable on Hostetler's disappearance. Paranoia
George Hearst George Hearst Successful California businessman and prospector. Gold fever
Captain Turner Unknown/No Basis Enforcer and bodyguard of George Hearst. Age
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