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Hey there[edit]

What's up to whoever was unfortunate enough to stumble upon my user page. I happened to stumble upon Uncyclopedia by accident a few months ago. It reminds me of a corrupted version of Wikipedia. Hell, it's really pretty cool.

My username? (for trivial purposes only)[edit]

My cat on Diphenhydramine, showing the effects of hard hallucinations

Its the name of a drug I am constantly ingesting. I'll just say that if take more than a few of the small pink pills and you will be completely schizo for 6 hours. Seriously, look up diphenhydramine (recreational usage). And here's another clue (and what may surprise you), you can get this drug at almost any store in any country, where it may be known to you as your friendly neighborhood "Dryl". Bt that's only if you're a druggie, and for my own safety when on here, I hope your not. But why would you care anyway? Who knows.

Link to my training ground[edit]

User:Diphenhydramine/Article about stuff